Wednesday 16 April 2014

5 reasons granny pants are the best - #NationalBVDay

Believe it or not, granny pants are going through a bit of a revival. What was that? A collective sigh of relief from the female population? Probably. But it is true, in fact the latest figures show sales of high cut, full coverage briefs doubled in 2013, and that trend is expected to continue this year too.

Forget Bridget Jones, you don’t need to be curvy, single or incredibly klutzy to enjoy the pleasures of the full coverage pantie. There really are lots of reasons we should all be investing in granny pants right now. Here are just five of those reasons to start your conversion to the world of big pants.

1. No inadvertent wedgies.
Whilst there may be some ladies out there who truly do love their thong, how many of us actually find them to be a pain in the butt – literally? That terrible sinking feeling when you’re in a very public place and the back of your thong disappears between your cheeks can be no more, thanks to the granny pant. Designed to stay where you put them, this is one piece of underwear guaranteed to come with no nasty surprises.

2. Comfy cotton.
Some days we feel like a bit of luxurious lace, others some slinky satin. But when it comes down to it, nothing feels quite a soft, cool and comfortable as plain old 100% cotton underwear, a speciality of the granny pant. And because of this, there is less chance of developing conditions such as thrush or bacterial vaginosis (BV). Put simply, BV is an imbalance in your pH levels caused by everyday things like excessive washing, perfumed products, antibiotics, your period and even semen. BV is a vaginal condition which can make your nether regions smell like a fish market, and is made worse by wearing underwear with unbreathable materials such as polyester and nylon.

3. Mask your muffin top.
Full coverage panties are incredibly flattering. Because they come higher up on your body, you can get yourself a smooth, slinky silhouette with some carefully chosen undergarments. Thongs and other teeny tiny pants only add to the lumps and bumps on your body, so unless you happen to be Kate Moss, try some granny pants for an instantly smoother outline.

4. Keep the boys guessing.
Traditionally ladies keep their ‘big pants’ for a particular time of the month. If you’re married or living with your partner, breaking out the big pants may even serve as an unspoken signal that a roll in the hay is well off the cards. Keep ‘em guessing by wearing granny panties at all times of the month, and put yourself in the driving seat for the bedroom gymnastics timetable.

5. No VPL.
Thongs were supposed to eradicate unsightly visible pantie lines (VPL), but did they really work? Plenty of ladies would say not really, as all that really happened was the VPL moved upwards. And what about that horribly trashy combo of high waisted thong and low slung jeans? Keep your composure with some safe, sassy granny pants, because these babies will truly banish the VPL for good. Because they are cut beneath your bum, they not only hold in all the wobbly bits, but there will be no diagonal line across the seat of your best trousers, guaranteed.

If you haven’t tried them yet, get yourself a good pair or two of granny pants and see for yourself why they are this seasons must have item.

#NationalBVDay was created by Balance Activ to  help raise awareness of BV, encourage women to drop all taboos surrounding women’s health and talk openly about intimate health issues.  Join us on Wednesday 16th April 2014 for National BV Day and help raise awareness of Bacterial Vaginosis.

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