Wednesday 16 April 2014

Talk about #NationalBVDay and get #BOGOFBV products from Balance Active!

Let's talk about Bacterial Vaginosis and raise awareness of intimate women's health issues for #NationalBVDay

 Something to talk about!
#BOGOFBV products from Balance Active to celebrate #NationalBVDay!

On Wednesday 16th April 2014, Balance Activ will be encouraging women all over the world to talk to their friends and family and talk to Balance Activ about Bacterial Vaginosis and intimate women’s health issues for National BV Day.

Organised by Balance Activ, a female intimate health brand, National BV Day was created to encourage women to put aside their uncertainties and to openly discuss intimate issues, particularly about Bacterial Vaginosis (BV), a little known vaginal condition which affects millions of women and is twice as common as Thrush. 

A little about Bacteria Vaginosis.
Bacterial Vaginosis, or BV as it is commonly referred to, affects one in three women in the UK, (around 8.9 million), making it the UK’s most common vaginal condition and yet a surprising 61%* of women have never heard of, or are unsure of, the symptoms for BV and 2 out of 3 women misdiagnose BV as thrush.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a vaginal condition caused by an imbalance in the pH levels in your vagina.  It’s the most common vaginal condition and is twice as common as thrush.  It’s also the most common cause of vaginal discharge in women of childbearing age.

For the vagina to remain healthy, it is important for the many naturally occurring bacteria that live there remain in perfect balance.  The good bacteria usually present in the largest numbers are those which produce lactic acid, helping to maintain the normal low 4.5 pH of the vagina and protect against infection.

However, if the numbers of good lactic acid bacteria are reduced, pH levels rise, encouraging the growth of other bad bacteria and resulting in a fishy odour, a thin, grey discharge, which may be excessive and lead to discomfort.  These often unpleasant symptoms all point to BV.

BV can be caused by everyday things like excessive washing, perfumed products, antibiotics, your period and even semen, which means that experiencing reoccurrences of BV is very common.  One in three women will develop BV at some point in their life, over 50% of women will have a recurrence of BV within one year and if left untreated during pregnancy BV can increase the risk of miscarriage and premature birth.

Balance Activ and Bacterial Vaginosis.
Balance Activ offer gentle yet effective relief and cures to common female problems such as symptoms of the menopause, problems conceiving and for the condition Bacterial Vaginosis.

Balance Activ BV product range treats and prevents Bacterial Vaginosis by mimicking what the body does naturally to restore and preserve the natural pH balance in the vagina.  It also effectively neutralises odour, relieving the abnormal discharge and discomfort associated with BV.  

Balance Activ BV is available from Boots stores, leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide in Gel and new Pessary formats.  NEW to the range are Balance Activ BV pH Tests, which is a vaginal screening kit to help women test their pH levels and indicates whether you may have BV, Thrush or Trich**

To celebrate and support #NationalBVDay Balance Activ are offering a fab deal of buy one get one free on BV Balance Activ products #BOGOFBV

 Let's talk about and raise awareness of BV for #NationalBVDay
63% of women feel angry BV is not widely known about and more information on intimate health conditions is not made available to them*  so Balance Activ are asking women to drop all taboos and talk about BV.  

Please join us on the Balance Activ website, on The Sofa and on Twitter for live chats, competitions, exclusive offers and information which will generate awareness of Bacterial Vaginosis and female intimate health.

The Balance Activ website will be offering a buy one, get one free promotion across the whole BV range, as well as posting news and informative pieces on The Sofa; a new discussion forum and place for women to talk to each other, share their opinions and learn about intimate health conditions.

The Balance Activ Twitter channel will be tweeting facts and chatting to followers about BV symptoms, using the hashtag #BOGOFBV and #NationalBVDay

For further information about Balance Activ, National BV Day and other effective yet gentle products in the Balance Active range, please visit

*  (Research conducted among 2,000 adult women in March 2013 
by Redshift Research on behalf of Balance Activ)
**  thrush does not usually cause a rise in vaginal pH, unlike BV and Trich

*  Information provided by Balance Activ.  No compensation has been provided for sharing this information, I am doing so to support #NationalBVDay and help raise awareness *

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