Thursday 15 May 2014

8 Great Gadgets For Your Summer of Sport.

Living in a technological rich era it comes as no surprise that for most people technology plays a large role in their daily lives and also interweaves with their hobbies and interests so that technology supports and enriches lifestyles.

One realm of interest that intertwines with technology brilliantly is the world of sport and fitness.  Sport and fitness technology and gadgets can be an invaluable addition to people’s interest in sport and fitness.  There is technology available that can help bring sports alive for sports fans and fitness gadgets that help support fitness enthusiasts to improve and monitor their physical activities.

With a busy summer of sport on the horizon for sports fans to revel in along with sporting and fitness enthusiasts’ regular physical exertions these top eight gadgets are the perfect tech gadgets for sports fans and enthusiasts this summer.

With an incredible array of sport this summer for sports fans to enjoy including the FIFA World Cup, US Open, Wimbledon, Tour de France, British Open and the Commonwealth Games, a top tech gadget for sports fans to use at home to bring the sports alive in their front rooms is a flash, hi-tech TV.

One such top-tech TV perfect for watching all the sporting action on this summer is LG’S ULTRA HD 4K TVs.  The ULTRA HD 4K TV from LG start at a more than generous 49in up to a massively whooping 84in, providing sports fans with plenty of screen to watch the top sporting action on.  Thanks to the LG’s awesome Tru-Ultra HD Engine technology you will be able to immerse yourself in the sports with stunning detail and colour, allowing you to watch it as if you were in the heart of the action.

Designed for extreme sports the GoPro Hero3+ is the ultimate sporting gadget to use in all seasons and sports to capture your glorious sporting moments on video and in photos.  Acclaimed as the most advance GoPro to date, the GoPro Hero3+ action camera will be a hit with tech lovers thanks to its high tech features including video resolutions up to 4k, 12MP photos up to 30 frames per second, SuperView and Auto Low Light modes and built-in Wi-Fi.

Not only does the GoPro Hero3+feature high tech it is also smaller and lighter than previous models with a longer-lasting battery.  The GoPro App allows users to control the camera functions so that they can take a photo, start/stop recording and adjust settings.  You can also use live preview for easy-shot framing and you are able to view photos and play back videos before sharing your favourite sporting moments via social media, email and text message thanks to the GoPro App.

As the action camera can be worn and attached to things like bikes and helmets you can truly capture your sporting moments with ease and have the heart of your sporting action captured on glorious video.

Combining fitness clothing with smart computing technology the Gow Smart clothing consisting of a Smart T-shirt and a Smart Sport Bra that is ‘connected’ and ‘smart’ which along with an app becomes a virtual trainer and health monitor.

The GOW training system consists of 4 components –

*   Smart fabric clothing with integrated cardiac sensors
The Smart T-Shirt/Sports Bra is made with Smart fabric to make training safe and comfortable as your exercise, thanks to the seamless fabric chafing is avoided and the fabric which becomes your second skin enables moisture to be released.  The Smart T-Shirt/Sports Bra is a technical garment thanks to the 2 integrated cardiac sensors that capture the cardiac information of the user just as a classic heart rate monitor does.

*  Heart rate monitor
The integrated cardiac sensors provide maximum accuracy as it registers the cardiac activity of the user.  Using smart Bluetooth communication the cardiac sensors communicate via Bluetooth with the GOW app on selected smartphones.

*  Exclusive GOW app
Available on selected smartphones and iPhones the app is divided into 4 sports disciplines; indoor, outdoor, running and bike.  Using information gleamed from the cardiac sensors the app provides virtual training with live follow up, progress reports, challenges and messages to test and congratulate along with fat and carbs consumption information.  Thanks to the exclusive app users can also enjoy the GOW community.


The gowtrainer companion website allows users to manage their training and check their progress.  As well as being able to analyse their performance and track and record their achievements users are able to design training plans, routes and races which will then be transferred into the GOW app ready for their next training session.  Also on the gowtrainer website users can share their achievements and make use of the friend’s community.

For sports fans who want to get in the sporting mood courtesy of sports games the SC-1 Wireless Sports Controller is the perfect gaming gadget with a sporty edge to enhance your sports gaming experience.

Ergonomically designed with cut out shoulders and a shallow body to improve gameplay the SC-1 controller is a fab gaming gadget to use with sports games on the Playstation 3.  The premium controller has been designed with a rubberised finish and contrasting sports design.  The SC-1 controller is fully compatible with the PS3 and is the ideal gaming gadget to use with top EA sports games including FIFA, NHL and NFL.

The controller features an offset thumbstick design; the concave anti-slip thumbsticks have adjustable sensitivity for super-accurate thumbstick control and precise in-game movement.  To bring the action of the sports games alive the controller features rumble technology so that you feel every slam, crash and tackle as you immerse yourself in the game.  But that’s not all the controller also features pressure sensitive buttons for responsive gameplay and a 360° rotating D-pad to help make it easier to execute trick shots and skilled moves.

The Nike+ Fuelband SE is a fitness band, it is a shaped wristband with a rubbery surface (think charity wristband but ergonomically designed and technologically enhanced) that is packed with smart technology to allow users to track how much energy they use when exercising or when going about their daily lives.  The Fuelband is available in four colours and three sizes.

The smart Fuelband has an accelerometer that tracks motion and also features a nifty button that you press when about to start vigorous exercise or go to sleep.  The fitness band calculates how active you are and measures activity and energy consumption using Nike’s own units of “Fuel”.   The Fuelband not only monitors your energy consumption it also tells the time.

In true smart fashion the Fuelband synchs with apps and laptops using Bluetooth technology to allow users to track their progress and monitor their “Fuel” consumption.  Not only can you see your progress but you can also share your news about your “Fuel” consumption on social media.

The Watershot underwater camera housings have been designed for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy smartphones to allow users to protected their beloved phones and keep them fully waterproofed as they capture photos poolside and at the beach.

Designed and built to live in the water and withstand rocks, reefs, salt, sand and extreme pressure the housing is the perfect accessory to protect the phones of extreme water sports enthusiasts.  The Watershot housing has been designed and developed to withstand the rigor of water sports allowing users to capture the water sports at the heart of the action with ease and in the safe knowledge that their phone is protected and fully waterproofed.  Underwater photos are now achievable thanks to the Watershot being waterproofed with a depth rating of 130 to 195 feet.

Each Watershot housing can also accommodate accessories including different lenses and it has been designed as a multi-feature solution to help optimise photo and video capabilities so that users can capture water sports action at its best and no longer have to miss the water action shots in fear of damaging their phones.  You can also use an adapter so that the Watershot can be used with GoPro mounts and the Watershot app allows you to optimize your photos and share them on social media.

The Foreunner 10 is a GPS running watch that at a touch of a button tracks how far and how fast you have run.  The watch is both technologically smart and stylish, with the watch available in a range of attractive colours including classic black, bright orange and beautiful pink.

Not only does the watch track your time and distance which can be seen on the watch’s timer screen but it also shows calorie consumption.  Users can also monitor their pace and speed as the watch allows you to see your average pace and average speed for both the current lap and for the whole duration of your current activity.

You can also challenge yourself by setting a target for your run so that when you are on your run the Virtual Pacer compares your current running pace to your target.  The Foreunner10 also announces when you have achieved a personal record, such as longest run or fastest mile, which not only helps you monitor your fitness development but it also provides motivation.

You can also upload your run to the free online community Garmin Connect where you can see more detail about your run including average pace and elevation, see your run triumph on a map and share your running achievements with friends.

Tuned for sports the Philips ActionFit Sports headphones have been specially designed for fitness enthusiasts who love to listen to music as they exercise.  The headphones help fuel your work out with finely tuned and bass thumping stereo sound.  The headphones feature sound isolation technology to minimise environmental noise which means users can their music without the distraction of external noise.

Designed for sports and physical exertion the headphones feature customisable ear hooks for enhanced fit and the three sizes of ultra-soft silicone caps of the of the earphones mean a comfortable fit is achieved.  The headphones come with a cable clip to help fix the cable securely when exercising and the 1.2m long cable allows users to place their audio device where they want.

The ActionFit Sports headphones are constructed with waterproof materials so that the headphones can be washed under running tap water.  Not only are the headphones washable but they are also sweat proof thanks to the water resistant seal that protects the headphones from sweat-related damage that along with an anti-bacterial agent helps kill germs keep the headphones clean and in tip-top condition.

Philips have also created a free ActionFit app for fitness and sporting enthusiasts to use to keep on track of their fitness regimen.  The ActionFit app allows the ability to create customised workouts with time, distance and calorie goals and the option of assigning music to your workouts. 


Do you use any gadgets or technology when exercising or participating in sports?

Hope you all enjoy a summer of sporting delights.

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