Wednesday 28 May 2014

Finding the job for you with a little help from City Calling.

I’ve worked since I was a teenager and even though I have enjoyed the array of jobs I have done including cleaning, working in a shop, admin jobs and working in a café, I do not feel that I found my true ‘calling’.  I have not found the job that makes me feel excited about going to work rather than a job that I need to go to for the simple reason that I need the money.

It can be hard enough finding any job, searching through an array of jobs on sites for jobseekers, without the added difficulty of finding that perfect job for you or deciding on how to make a career change.

Even after you have decided to make a big change and go down the path to a new career, changing to a completely new job sector, it can be difficult to decide how to make the change and what steps you need to fulfill to make the change to have your dream job.

Thankfully City Calling are there to not only help you search for jobs quickly and easily but also to help you find your calling.  They have a huge array of job sectors on the City Calling job board for jobseekers to peruse to find their perfect job or to get inspiration about what job sector appeals to them to make a career change.  City Calling also offer career advice for jobseekers plus career and degree guides along with useful application tips.

Find your true calling and make a career change with City Calling.

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