Friday 2 May 2014

If I won big and hit the Jackpot with 888Ladies.

I recently played a new game on 888Ladies called Millionaire Genie.  Whilst the game lacked any skill or social interaction with other players and it was a tad confusing how the amount awarded for winning was calculated the game was eye-catching and interesting.  As I am not a frequent online gamer and have not as of yet played any other game on 888Ladies, Millionaire Genie is my favourite 888Ladies game.

One of things I like most about the game Millionaire Genie is the Arabian Night’s theme and the colourful, beautifully designed animated 3D design of the game.  I admire the designs on the tiles and find the game is made more interesting and visually appealing thanks to the game coming alive when a win is achieved.

What I love most about the Millionaire Genie game is the very appealing, huge jackpot that is constantly changing.  With Millionaire Genie you ‘Spin to Win’ a chance of winning the impressive jackpot of over £450,000.

As the game has such an impressive jackpot I could not help myself from daydreaming about what I would spend my winnings on if I won big with 888Ladies and the luck of the slots shined favourably upon me so that I could win the mighty jackpot.

If I was to win big with 888Ladies I would be sensible and pay off our debts and as they are only small debts we would still be left with lots of money to fulfil some our dreams and treat ourselves.

Imaging that my by win with 888Ladies was the huge jackpot of over £450,000 on the Millionaire Genie game I would put a large portion of that win into buying a lovely family home that we could call our own. 

In my dream world where I have won big playing the Millionaire Genie game I would after nearly 4 years being engaged be able to afford to marry the love of my life and have my dream wedding wishlist fulfilled as we express our love and say our vows in front of close friends and family. 

I would also love to have an amazing holiday as a family and as I have fond memories of going on a holiday to Florida when I was younger and visiting Disney World I would love to go there again and make memories there with my family and give Bug a holiday of a lifetime filled with amazing experiences that he will remember in years to come.

With the rest of my winnings I would be sensible and save some as well as treat Bug, Lee and my mum and sister to gifts and fun days out. 

As I love my mum and am grateful for all the sacrifices she made to give my sister and I a brilliant childhood I would love to treat her.  Even now as she works so hard and struggles daily with health issues I would be over the moon at being able to treat her to a little holiday for her to get some rest and relaxation with her partner as well as being able to gift her with a little money for her to treat herself to whatever she desires.

I would love to gift my sister with some money so that she would spend it as she wants and treat herself.

As well as the amazing holiday to Disney World I would use my big winnings to put towards fun family days out for Bug and to get him some fun outdoor toys to put in our new garden.

Winning big would allow us the financial freedom for Lee and I to do the things we have always dreamed of and whilst the security of owning our own home, being able to get married and have an amazing family holiday would be the top priorities, it would also be amazing to do things we have always wanted to do such as go coasteering, learn to scuba dive and pay for Lee’s family to visit here on a holiday.

Hopefully one day soon I will win big and my dreams will become reality.

How would you spend your winnings if you won big with 888Ladies and won a big jackpot prize?

*  This is my entry for the 888 Ladies Bingo Competition *

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