Friday 6 June 2014

My #shelfie

I am a borderline hoarder.  I am very sentimental and keep anything and everything that has a sentimental memory or emotion attached to it.  I have boxes filled with old letters, cards and stubs from days out and have lots of knick-knacks and ornaments that have a personal sentimental attachment.  In our old house I had lots of shelves where I could display my sentimental ornaments along with lots of candles, vases filled with fresh flowers and my art; but alas since moving I now have very limited space to showcase my sentimental wares.

Until we get around to putting up some shelves (which Lee seems to be dragging his feet about as he has a minimalist style which clashes with my eclectic, hoarder style) I am limited to showcasing my favourite ornaments on my beautiful dresser in our bedroom and the one shelf in our house, the mantle-piece.

On my #shelfie I have some my most treasured and sentimental knick-knacks.  The shelf is adorned with a mismatch of ornaments and knick-knacks, all of which mean remind me of a cherished memory and a dear loved one.

My #shelfie is filled with items that are very special to me and whenever I see my #shelfie that’s filled with what I love that bring back memories of special moments in my life and people who have a special place in my heart it always lifts my spirits and makes me smile.

I love candles so it is no surprise that candles feature on my shelf.  One of the candle holders that I have on my shelf holds a special place in my heart; the boho-chic candle holder was one of the last gifts my late Mamgu bought for me before she sadly lost her fight to cancer.

Whilst Lee is more minimalist than me he does have a handful of sentimental knick-knacks one of which stands on our shelf.  Lee has sentimental attachment to the Meerkat ornament, with the cute little Meerkat evoking memories of Lee’s late grandmother.

As Bug is my life he also features on my shelf.  At any one time there is a craft creation made with Bug’s fair hands on the shelf, with Mr Sheep calling the shelf his home at the moment.

Also on the shelf at Bug’s insistence is his little snow globe Nessie that he was given by his grandfather after a holiday in Scotland.  Nessie is sitting next to the first Mother's Day gift that Bug gave me, a little I  my mum candle pot that reminds me of when I became a mum.

In the centre of the shelf is one of my favourite pictures of the centre of my universe, my gorgeous Bug.

Also on the shelf are two ornaments that were gifted to me from my loved ones, my sister and my mum, as part of lots of lovely gifts on my 18th birthday.

I love the little vintage picture frame I have on the shelf as it was a picture frame my late great, great, great aunty Nansi had on her bedside table and every time I look at it and her photograph I am back in her bedroom, listening to her stories and adventures.

As well as the beaded candle holder also on my shelf are other items that I bring back fond memories of my late Mamgu.  The dragon ornament was one of the last gifts she bought for me as she knew I loved the collection especially as I love dragons and have a fondness for twinkling crystals.  The ornamental mirror was in my Mamgu’s bedroom and seeing it conjures up memories of her.

Being the love of my life, Lee also features on the shelf with this little glass ornamental angel being one of the first gifts Lee gave me.  He gave me this little angel when we were at the start of our relationship, at the time in a long distance relationship, the angel was to be my guardian angel to look after me when we were apart. 

Also on the shelf features a couple of objects that signify a monumental time in my life, when the love of my life asked me to marry him.  The heart ornament was given to me and Lee as an engagement gift from my sister and my mum, looking at it summons memories of the day I got engaged and the love I feel for my family members.  Nestled next to the heart engagement gift are a couple of shells and a stone from the beach where Lee proposed.  Decorating the stone is the date and beach name as a reminder of our special day.

Scattered amongst my treasured ornaments are candles which twinkle in the dark of an evening, giving the knick-knacks I love some added sparkle.

What do you have on your favourite shelf at home?  

Do you have treasured possessions that conquer up memories for you as mine do for me?

Does your shelf show your home style?

You can get an insight into your home style by trying the Victoria Plum Great British Home Quiz.  By answering a few questions such as what type of house you would love to live in, what’s your favourite furniture style and what type of bath you prefer you will find out your home style and get the chance of winning £250 of John Lewis vouchers which might come in handy for sprucing up your own shelf.

When I took the quiz my style came out as quirky cool, with my style being described as “Kind of quirky, a bit cool and a little bit geek chic, you love mixing and matching vintage finds with home comforts.”

*  This is my entry into theTots100 and Victoria Plum #shelfie competition *

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