Monday 18 August 2014

Get a good night's sleep with Feather & Black.

I have always had a rollercoaster of a relationship with sleep. As I mentioned before when I wrote about sleep and my issues surrounding sleep, I went through a phase of suffering from insomnia which was at its worst when I struggled through the darkest days of my depression. Thankfully when I started feeling stronger mentally and emotionally my sleeping issues subsided and I once again experienced the sweet relief of sleep.

Since the days when I struggled to sleep I am pleased to say that the long nights of lying awake for hours and hours, wishing for sleep to wash over me, are in the past.  After struggling with depression and insomnia, apart from the odd night when I let worries fill my thoughts making it hard to drift to sleep quickly and peacefully, I happily experienced full nights of blissful sleep.

Then Bug was born and peaceful nights of sleep were once again a mere fantasy and I relished every second of sleep that I could get.  Having a child, a lively one at that who has never been much of a sleeper, strengthened my belief in how precious and important sleep is and that I should never take for granted a good night’s sleep.

Realising the importance of sleeping, especially having personally experienced sleep issues and survived through the lack of sleep that children can bring, I have been reading an eBook about sleep. Thanks to their sleep experts the Feather & Black FREE sleep advice eBook is filled with interesting sleep facts and stats, useful tips and guidance to help you achieve a good and refreshing night’s sleep.

The free comprehensive sleep eBook has given me some welcome advice to help me achieve a better night’s sleep and reminded me that at bedtime I need to resist the temptation of reaching for my phone to keep in touch with social media and that the late night blogging on my laptop is not that healthy for achieving quality sleep.

Whilst my use of technology late of a night is not helpful for a good night’s sleep, I do some good things that help me drift off peacefully; I only drink water before bed, I keep the bedroom free from clutter and I keep the lights low in the bedroom for a relaxing atmosphere.

Whilst we already follow the advice Feather & Black provide in their eBook regarding children’s bedtime routines I think it’s great that they have provided sleep advice tailored for children because as any parent can attest good sleep for both child and parent is essential for coping with busy children and having happy fun days together.

With the help of this useful eBook, which has provided me with some great tips and reminded me what I need to do and not do for a good night’s sleep, hopefully we all might get some more sleep!

Do you have any tips for a good night’s sleep? 

* In collaboration with Feather & Black *

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