Friday 5 September 2014

Holiday planning made easy with

I love holidays. There is something very special and exciting about spending time in a new place.  I love soaking up the culture and history of a place along with having fun and adventures sightseeing and exploring.  I also love the excitement and thrill of visiting adventure and amusement parks, and love the enjoyment of action filled days on holiday as I try activities such as water-sports. Equally I love relaxing and taking it easy, enjoying tranquil days spent lazing on the beach with a good book.

Whilst the highlight of a holiday is the holiday itself, I also love planning the holiday. I find it exciting and a great build up to a holiday to peruse the internet and holiday catalogues to find the perfect destination and the best deal. I also find that the exciting reality of being about to go on holiday comes alive when buying holiday essentials and packing suitcases.

Whilst we often have little holidays across the UK and love holidaying in the UK as Lee and Bug have yet to have a holiday abroad and it has been well over 10 years since I ventured past the shores of the UK  we are hoping that our next family holiday will be one abroad.

We have family living in France who we rarely get to see so we plan on having a little holiday in France, staying with them in their guest house which will allow us to be close to them so we spend lots of quality family time together. We hope on doing a lot of sightseeing, having magical days at Disneyland Paris and I hope for a touch of romance with Lee.....hopefully he will get all romantic for my birthday with a surprise re-proposal and a new engagement ring to replace my broken one. Another bonus of staying with family is that we will be saving money as we won’t have to pay for accommodation.

As we do not need accommodation for our holiday to France and only need flights a package deal is not suitable for us. Being a savvy-money-saving kind of girl who loves planning holidays and getting the best deal for our money I am thrilled to have a little help from to help us find the cheapest and most convenient flight for our first family holiday abroad.

What I love about is that not only can use the easy to use travel planning tool to find the best deal and most suitable flight for your holiday but you can also save your holiday with the ‘Create Plan’ feature. To create a plan for your holiday you simply give your plan a name, add tags associated with your holiday (city, sightseeing etc. for example), choose a picture for your plan, add a short description of your holiday and then if you want to you can add email addresses of friends and family who you want to share your plan with - which I think is great especially if you are having a holiday with extended family or friends.

Once you have created your plan, which you can set to be public or private, you can add flights to it. Using the search tool that works with natural language searches you simply search for the flights and click on the little heart symbol underneath the best flights for you to add them to your plan.

Even though is a non-transitional travel tool it is very useful for helping people plan more their holiday or trip more efficiently, helping them find the best deal and most suitable flight especially thanks to being able to compare flights and filter the flights a number of ways including by price, total flight duration and outbound arrival time. also has an array of other tools to help when planning holidays including price trends display, world clock, airport guides and dialling codes.

As well as being able to add flights to your holiday page you can also add any links from other sites to your plan; such as links for hotels, restaurants, attractions or relevant reviews. I love this feature as it makes planning your holiday easier with all the links needed for your holiday being stored safely in one place.

I love the concept of and all of its features so far. Over time other features will be added to the site, such as hotels, which I can’t wait to see and use. I think if you could search for other travel options such as hotels, car hire and local attractions along with the flights then will be a great site for planning your whole holiday, rather than just flights, so that you get the best deal for a full holiday.

If you need inspiration you can always check out other users’ holiday plans.

You can also be inspired by my Holiday Plan Oui Paris for a taster of what Amadeus can do for you.

Go create your next holiday, perhaps like us a family holiday or maybe your honeymoon or a holiday with the girls. Let Amadeus help you get a great deal as you plan your perfect holiday.

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