Wednesday 26 November 2014

Bye bye ingrown hairs.......Tweeze’em Tweezers by Majestic Bombay review.

Thanks to my PCOS I have to contend with excess hair and the unfortunate problem of getting a lot of ingrown hairs. Whilst I have used an array of hair removal methods with varying success to tackle my excess hair what I always struggle to deal with is ingrown hairs.

But now my struggle to deal with ingrown hairs is a thing of the past thanks to Majestic Bombay’s Tweez’em Tweezer.

The brightly coloured Tweez’em Tweezer are made with stainless steel and feature perfectly sharp elongated and aligned tips that allows for surgical precise tweezing of hairs including stubborn ingrown hairs and troublesome splinters.

Having always struggled to remove ingrown hairs with my normal tweezers I am over the moon when to be able to quickly and painlessly remove stubborn ingrown hairs with these ultra-sharp tweezers. Not only are these tweezers perfect for removing ingrown hairs they are also great for plucking eyebrow hairs, they are especially useful for removing individual hairs as they are great at  gripping onto and removing fine, small hairs. The tweezers are well-made and are light and comfortable to hold so that you get a good firm grip on hairs.

Whilst I have yet to have a splinter to use these tweezers on having seen how well they tackle ingrown hairs I can imagine they would be perfect for removing splinters with precision.

You can pick up a Tweez’em Tweezer by Majestic Bombay here for the great value price of just £10

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