Monday 10 November 2014

Dance into the holidays with L' gift set guide.

I love this time of year when the magic of Christmas starts to bubble away.

The hint of upcoming Christmas is brought to our attention thanks to the tempting Christmas gifts and decorations that adorn shelves in shops. Whilst the whisper of the ‘C’ word on people’s lips fills the air with excitement and anticipation. Christmas is also highlighted in the realms of the World Wide Web, with social media and blog posts featuring Christmas crafts, gifts and food ideas adding to the anticipation of the festive season. For me the excitement of Christmas starts to come alive when magical Christmas adverts are showcased.

One Christmas advert that has enchanted me in particular is the beautiful Dance into the holidays with L’Occitane advert.

The bewitching advert perfectly encapsulates the luxury of L’Occitane – who are one of my favourite natural beauty and skincare brands (take note Lee!). An air of mystery is created as we see fleeting glimpses of the dancer’s beautiful, floaty dress as she dances through cobbled French streets and a picturesque L’Occitane En Provence shop filled with beautiful L’Occitane gifts.

But don’t take my word for how enchanting and pretty the video is, delve into the opulent world of L’Occitane and dance into the holidays…….

As well as enchanting me with their magical Christmas advert L’Occitane have also charmed me with their gorgeous gift sets (hint, hint Lee).

Presented in beautifully designed gift boxes the L’Occitane luxury gift sets are filled with luxurious products that are sure to make the lucky recipient of the gift set feel extra special.

L’Occitane also have a gorgeous collection of Christmas classic gift sets. Packed with products including shower gel, hand cream, body lotion and fragrant eau de toilette, the Christmas classic gift sets are lovely pamper gifts to give to loved ones this Christmas.

For those with a small budget but who still want to treat their loved ones to the L’Occitane luxurious experience there’s the lovely stocking filler gift sets……a touch of L’Occitane luxury at an affordable price.

Not forgetting men who enjoy a touch of indulgence pampering L’Occitane have put together a lovely collection of gift sets for men.

If you want to treat your loved one this Christmas to a pampering gift set you can’t go wrong with a L’Occitane gift set………do you hear that Lee? Your wonderful fiancĂ©e would especially love a Best of L’Occitane gift set or a Lavender collection set.

Have you tried L’Occitane? Are their lovely gift sets on your Christmas wishlist?

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