Friday 7 November 2014

Sponsored video: Family friendly banking at Barclays put to the test by Mumsnetters.

Bug is my little sidekick as we have fun adventures together and as I go about day-to-day life doing household chores and dealing with family responsibilities. My little sidekick is a very good boy, helping me do household chores and having a lot of patience as we do the family food shop and go to various appointments. Whilst he is very good at helping me and on his best behaviour when we visit shop and go to various appointments one place that he does not have a lot of patience and enthusiasm for is the bank.

To be fair I can completely understand why Bug is not very enthusiastic about visits to the bank as I deal with our family finances, in my opinion most banks tend not to be very family friendly and are not that interesting or fun for children.

As I have had to content with a number of visits to the bank with a child who gets bored and frustrated waiting for me to deal with the family finances I very interested to hear that Barclays aim to make life easier for families with their family friendly products and bank branches that hopefully are more favourable for children as well as being convenient banking.

To celebrate their campaign to make banking more family friendly and put their family friendly products and branches to the test, Barclays invited a group of Mumsnetters and their children to test-drive a Barclays bank.

The groups of Mumsnetters tested out some of Barclays’ new product ideas – which may well be introduced by Barclays in the future - that aim to make banking more family friendly -
* Family friendly branches
* Cashless Days
* A HomeOwner App
* ‘Digital Eagles’ on hand to help out the Mumsnetters at the Barclays branch

In the video below, which showcases family friendly banking at Barclays, we see 10 Mumsnetters along with 14 children give 1 Barclays branch a full-on review.

I love the idea of banking being a quick and easy experience thanks to the new banking machines, which would be appreciated by both Bug and I so we can get in and out of the bank in no time without Bug getting fed up as we wait in line to be served at the desks. I also love the financial inspired Children’s Activity Books that are specifically designed to engage and educate children when they visit branches. The Mumsnetters ideas for improvements were also interesting to hear, whilst it may not be relevant to us right now I think the idea of baby changing and feeding area is a great idea to make bank branches very family friendly.

Barclays also supplies great Family Finance and Business Support advice on the Mumsnet website.

As part of their #YourBankLive campaign Barclays also want to hear from as many people as possible to gain valuable feedback and suggestions on how to improve their branches and banking products. Is your local Barclays branch family friendly? What improvements would you like to see in branches? What do you think of the Barclays Children’s Activity Books?

* This post has been sponsored by Barclays, but all thoughts are our own *

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