Thursday 29 January 2015

Updating a bathroom on a budget.

Giving your bathroom a new lease of life doesn’t have to cost a fortune or mean gutting out the bathroom and fitting a completely new bathroom suite. Whilst I am sure the idea of having a completely new bathroom suite is appealing unfortunately sometimes money cannot stretch that far, but fear not you can still update your bathroom and give it a new look without breaking your budget.

You can update your bathroom and revive a tired bathroom by simply changing a few elements of the bathroom to give your bathroom a refreshing new look.

Bathroom walls
Updating your bathroom walls can dramatically change the design and décor of the room, giving it a new and clean look.

You can give your bathroom a splash of colour by either painting the walls with bathroom paint or by wallpapering the walls with moisture-resistant wallpaper designed for bathrooms.

Another great way to update your bathroom’s existing décor and give the room a new style is to change the bathroom tiles. With a whole range of tiles available on the market in a variety of styles, colours and budgets changing your tiles can be an affordable way to revitalise your bathroom’s décor. Also if you don’t already have a tiled area above your sink you can change the look of your sink area by adding a few tiles or a tiled splash back.

Bathroom flooring
Another great way to update your bathroom and change the décor of the room is to replace the flooring, which unless you are lucky enough to have a huge bathroom can be an affordable option when updating the bathroom.

Similar to updating your bathroom walls with new tiles you could update your bathroom flooring with new bathroom floor tiles. Not only can bathroom floor tiles give the room a new look but they are also easy-to-clean and hardwearing.

If traditional bathroom floor tiles are not for you there are a range of other bathroom flooring options you can choose from when updating your bathroom. A few of the options include - Stone flooring which is water-resistant, durable and stylish; Vinyl flooring either in sheets or tiles which is not only waterproof but also very hygienic; and Rubber flooring either available in sheets or tiles in studded or smooth finishes can be a great flooring option for bathrooms as it is not only waterproof but also very hardwearing, easy-to-clean, soft and non-slip.

Bathroom fixtures and fittings
Whilst your budget may not be able to stretch to completely replacing your bathroom suite, you can update your bathroom suite by replacing the fixtures and fittings. With so many design options available for bathroom fixture and fittings you can easily transform your bathroom’s décor and style easily and without having to fork out a fortune.

If your bathroom taps are looking a little old and decrepit, installing new ones can instantly revitalise your bathroom suite. The variety of styles and finishes available on the market, such as the bathroom taps at My Bathrooms, is so vast that you can easily find the right taps to fit your sink and bath as well as find taps that suit your style and taste.

Changing or putting in a bathroom cabinet or other bathroom storage option can be a great way to update the style of the room. If your budget cannot stretch to buying a new bathroom cabinet but your old cabinet is looking a little old and ugly, you could spruce up your existing cabinet by giving it a lick of new paint, decorating it with a pretty design or changing the handles.

Other bathroom fixtures and fittings that can change the style of your bathroom and help make it look like new without having to spend a lot include toilet roll holder, towel holders, mirror and shelves.

Bathroom accessories
De-cluttering your bathroom and buying a few new bathroom accessories can also be a cheap and simple way to give your bathroom a facelift. Bathroom accessories are a great, inexpensive way to add a splash of colour and personality to your bathroom.

You can easily change the style and colour of your bathroom by changing your bathroom accessories such as shower curtain, soap holder, light pulls, bathroom bins and towel set, or by adding some bathroom ornaments and artwork. Thanks to a vast range of bathroom accessories available on the market such as Dunelm Mill’s extensive range of bathroom accessories in a variety of designs there is a style of bathroom accessories for everyone.

Do you have any tips for updating a bathroom on a budget?

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