Monday 23 February 2015

5 small changes you can make to improve your life.

Wanting to improve the quality of your life?

Here are five small changes you can make to do just that:

Get more sleep
Is sailing through the day in a sleepy haze a common occurrence for you?

Are you guilty of late night social media browsing or binge watching TV shows?

Just one night of bad sleep can really scupper your memory, along with making your temper flare up throughout the day.

The best solution is to force yourself to go to sleep an hour or two early, before your second wind of energy kicks in.

Give up smoking
Are you a smoker, but can’t face the idea of never smoking again?

It has been proven that many people are actually addicted to the act of smoking rather than the nicotine itself. It’s no secret that vaping has become a fantastic alternative for people. Avoiding things such as the grotty smoke smell that sticks to furniture is one of the best reasons for giving up smoking cigarettes and moving onto e-cigarettes sooner rather than later.

Volunteer for charity
It might take some effort, but improving the lives of others is actually one of the easiest ways of improving our own lives.

There are countless soup kitchens around the country where you can give up an hour or two of your time to help the needy. In return, you could get an adrenaline boost that will make you appreciate the good aspects of your life, ultimately leading to a positive mental attitude.

Get active
Whilst the notion of getting more exercise may not be that appealing, by getting active you will not only benefit your health but also release endorphins that produce a feeling of well-being and happiness.

Getting active can be as simple as going for a walk or choosing to walk to the shops instead of taking the car or bus. You could also embrace exercise by joining a gym, going to keep fit classes, taking up running or jogging or trying a gentler form of exercise such as yoga.

Another benefit of getting active is that it can get you out of the house (unless you choose to exercise in the comfort of your own home) where you could possibly meet new friends.

Enjoy nature
There is practically nothing better for decreasing your anxiety than to go for a gentle walk, enjoying the nature that surrounds you.

For example, places in the north of England, like Yorkshire and Lancashire, are hotspots for idyllic reservoir walks, but even big cities such as London boast some of the most beautiful, scenic parks in the country.

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