Saturday 28 February 2015

A Packed and Playful Kids Lunchbox.

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My little boy is growing up so fast. It is a scary but exciting thought that in a matter of weeks he will be turning four and then just after the Easter school holidays he will no longer be only part-time at school as he will be starting to go to school full-time. With Bug’s upcoming transition to being a full-time school boy I have started thinking about packed lunches.

Whilst thankfully Bug is not a fussy eater, as the tradition of eating at school is new to him I want to make sure that the packed lunches I send with him to school are not only healthy but also fun and appealing so that he eats most of his packed lunch to keep him nourished and energised for a full day of fun and learning at school.

Having previously dabbled with fun and creative lunchboxes for Bug I already have a few supplies such as silicone cupcakes and plastic food picks to help me try and create Bento style lunches. Whilst I already have a few accessories for making fun food creations, with Bug needing packed lunches for school in the near future I hope to expand my supplies and practice my Bento lunchbox creations so that by the time Bug is at school I will be more skilled at creating fun and funky lunches.

As I the need to expand my lunchbox accessories when we recently popped into our local Tesco I could not resist checking out the cookware and bakeware aisle to see if they had any items available that would come in handy when creating fun and funky lunchboxes for Bug to enjoy and devour.

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Being a little low on containers and pots with lids that would fit in Bug’s lunchbox, when I saw the Nude Food Movers Smash Snack Pods in their bright and funky colours I could not resist getting one, with Bug choosing one in his favourite colour blue. Being inspired by the Bento style kids lunchboxes showcased on Pinterest I also wanted to get some new cutters to cut food into different shapes. Browsing the selection of cutters available in Tesco Bug decided he wanted some little flower cutters.

Armed with our new flower cutters and colourful Snack Pod along with our existing accessories and some tasty food, my little helper and I set about creating a fun, funky and playful lunchbox.

Whilst the Snack Pod is described as being perfect for carrying muffins safely or ideal for snacks such as fruit, Bug decided he wanted to fill his new pot with yoghurt and create a fun face on it with some chewy sweets made from fruit juice.

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Trying to emulate the creators of fun Bento style lunchboxes for children that I greatly admire, I attempted to make Strawberry Hearts (mummy attempted Grape Hearts too but sadly did not have much success them with them in comparison or food picks that were long enough to fix the sides together…..must practice more!) to fill Bug’s lunchbox with healthy and yummy tokens of love.

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Bug was most excited about testing out the flower cutters. He loved helping his mummy cute out cute little flowers from mouth-watering cucumber.

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As Bug was a little excitable with the fun task of making edible flowers he also wanted a few cheese flowers to put on his crispy crackers. He also stamped out some more flowers using crunchy carrots.

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After making his yoghurt face and cutting out his tasty flowers Bug filled his choice of colourful, various shaped silicone cupcakes with his edible delights.

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After slaving away helping mummy create his fun and funky lunchbox Bug settled down to share it with his best teddy bear friends by hosting an indoor picnic.

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As Bug loved creating his packed and playful lunchbox and devoured every last morsel, I think fun and funky Bento style lunchboxes are the way to go for Bug’s school packed lunches so that I know that they will be so appealing to him that he will eat it all and have plenty of energy and full belly for a full day of fun and learning at school.

Now all I need to do is stock up on some more accessories to help me create Bento style lunchboxes for my growing little boy and practice again and again so that I master the art of making creative lunches…….if making this packed and playful kids lunch has taught me anything is that I need to practice making Grape hearts in particular!

Do you have any tips for making fun and funky lunchboxes?

I would love to hear about and see your creative lunchboxes for children.

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