Thursday 5 March 2015

Sponsored video: a2 Milk – Welcome Back To Milk.

I’ve always loved milk. Since I was a child growing up on a milking farm where we enjoyed fresh milk from the tanking room on a daily basis, I have relished a refreshing drink of milk as part of a healthy balanced diet.

As milk is important to a healthy balanced diet I am delighted that Bug is just like his mummy and loves milk. With Bug, mummy, and daddy too loving milk so much we consume pints of it every day, reaping the refreshing and nutritious benefits of milk.

Unfortunately for some people they cannot reap the benefits of milk as drinking milk causes them digestive issues. Often confused with lactose intolerance some people suffer from milk intolerance where they react badly to the a1 protein which is found in most cows’ milk sold in the UK today. Intolerance to the a1 protein can cause digestive issues such as bloating, indigestion, constipation and pain in the lower abdomen as well as affecting other parts of the body by causing issues such as skin irritations, excess mucus and a feeling of unhappiness.

But fear not if you are one of the unlucky people who suffer from an intolerance to the a1 protein found in most cows’ milk there is a solution thanks to a2 Milk!     

Take a look at this comical video to see how people like Becky are being welcomed back to milk as they rediscover the nutritional benefits of milk without the bad side affects that the A1 protein causes them.

So what makes a2 Milk different to regular cows’ milk?

a2 Milk is nutritious and delicious pure cows’ milk with nothing added or taken away. It naturally contains the a2 protein and no a1 protein which may be easier to digest than regular cows’ milk that contains the a1 protein.

a2 Milk is different thanks to the farmers and their herds that the a2 Milk company work with. They only use a careful selection of British dairy cows that naturally produce milk that only contains the a2 protein and no a1 protein.  The a2 Milk company work with many farms throughout the UK, mainly in Cheshire, Shropshire and North Wales; supporting the farmers they work with as they look after their pure a2-certified cow herds so that the happy cows make happy milk.

So if you have an intolerance to the a1 protein thanks to a2 Milk you can enjoy the nutritional benefits of delicious, fresh milk once again.

* This post has been sponsored by a2 Milk, but all thoughts are my own *

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