Thursday 14 May 2015

Maternity leave survival plan.

Whilst my maternity leave pre-baby is sure to fly by in a flash and I'll be in the full throes of nesting , I hope to make sure I get some ‘ME’ time and rest (in between daily family life that is) before the baby arrives.

As I hope to get some rest and relaxation before the hecticness of having a new addition to the family happens, I have created a maternity leave survival plan with a few key ideas of how to slow down and take some time out.

I have always had a love of the written word and love nothing more than getting lost in a good book. But since having Bug and getting lost in the busyness of family life the time I dedicate to sitting down to read a book has become non-existent. Top of my plans for my pre-baby maternity leave rest time is to read a few books, devour the words and get lost in a tale or two.

I also hope to use my rest time whilst on maternity leave to catch up with a few blogs as I have found that I have missed reading a number of my favourite blogs of late due to a lack of time and energy.

No thanks to terrible broadband my blogging of late has been more than a little poor. I hope that once I do not have my job to juggle in amongst family life (and our broadband has been fixed once and for all) that I can spend a little more time on blogging and be a lot more productive. I had so many plans of pregnancy posts I wanted to write and they have not been done……so I hope that in the last few weeks of pregnancy I can get some pregnancy posts written as well as lots of other posts.

Online bingo
Whilst I only dabble in the world of online bingo I do find it helps me relax and stops me from rushing around trying to do a million and one jobs which take it out of me physically. As I do have a soft spot for the odd bingo game I can foresee a few bingo games happening from the comfort of my own bed as I enjoy some pre-baby rest time…… never know I might end up winning some cash from my bed!

Even though I only play the odd bingo game every once in a while I am always watchful of how much I spend, gamble responsibly and use a bingo comparison website to get the best deal for my money.

Whilst it may not be the most productive way to spend my time, being a sofa slob and enjoying a bit of goggleboxing time it is a sure way for me to slow down and chill out. There are so many hit TV shows and films that I have yet to see that I am sure I will find plenty to watch during my maternity leave time.

I would be mad not to try and cram in as much sleep and rest as I can before our little newborn baby arrives……especially if it is anything like Bug was then I won’t get much sleep once we welcome our new baby into the world.

Do you have any tips on how I could rest and relax during my pre-baby maternity leave?

* Post in collaboration with Best Offers Bingo *

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