Thursday 21 May 2015

The joy of pets #PawHumour

I have always loved animals and have been fortunate enough to experience the joy of being a pet owner since I was a young child. Over the years since my very first pet, a gorgeous ginger tabby cat, I have had a variety of pets including cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters.

I have had my current pets, 2 loveable dogs for a number of years now. I am eternally grateful to the joy and love they have given me over the years; in fact it is partly due to them that I am still here today. I got my little dogs, Trixie and Sassy, when I was in the dark depths of depression. Thankfully having two loveable dogs to care for, helped pull me out of the darkness, towards recovery and a brighter future. They motivated me to leave the house to give them walks and to drag myself out of bed even when I did not want to.

Over the years my fluffy friends have given me lots of love, laughter and amusing stories.

I fondly remember watching Trixie chase after bubbles. It was a delightful and amusing sight watching my beloved dog prance, jump and run around wildly as she tried to catch the glistening bubbles as they floated in the air before bursting.

Both dogs happily welcomed a child into our family when we had Bug and have been amazing with him as he has grown from a baby into an independent 4 year old big boy.

Many of the joyful memories I have of the dogs are ones that feature Bug.

Whilst Bug loves both dogs, and both dogs love him equally, Sassy and Bug in particular have always been the best of friends.

One special memory I have of the two of them happened when Bug was a toddler and we were on one of our daily walks with the dogs through the farm fields. I stood watching with a smile on my face as Bug started rolling down a big grassy hill. As my heart filled with joy watching Bug roll around gleefully, my amusement was heightened at the sight of Sassy lay down next to Bug before rolling down the hill with him.

It was a beautiful sight watching Bug and his best buddy, our fluffy family member Sassy, roll down hills together.

Whilst I have many amusing memories with our fluffy loved ones, the amusing adventures I have shared with the dogs could have ended differently with the dogs being hurt and instead of being a loveable, amusing memory it would be a sad memory instead.

One such sad memory was went Sassy went missing for a number of days, being a little lost dog. Thankfully there was a happy end to the story, with Sassy suddenly turning up at home one morning after I had given up all hope of seeing my gorgeous little dog again. We still have no idea what happened to Sassy over the days she was missing but luckily she survived her adventures and disappearing act without any injuries.

Whilst thankfully Sassy returned home uninjured it could have been so much worse. You never know when an injury or illness can strike, which is why I have always believed that is vital to have pet insurance.

Being passionate about pets and how important pet insurance is MORE TH>N recently teamed up with animal welfare charity the RSPCA. For every MORE TH>N pet insurance policy sold they are giving the RSPCA £20. To promote this brilliant collaboration they are celebrating the wonder of pets by wanting to hear about your #PawHumour moments.

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