Friday 26 June 2015

Relaxing during pregnancy with a refreshing cup of Teatulia organic tea.

As I near the end of my pregnancy I am trying to make sure I slow down and enjoy some quiet, relaxing ‘me’ time in the midst of the hecticness that is family life.

One way I have been relaxing is snuggling on the sofa with a good book and a calming cup of Teatulia organic, herbal tea.

Thanks to the selection of their unique flavours of organic, herbal teas sent to me I have had a lovely selection of flavoursome teas to enjoy.

The teas arrived in individual packs, all of which have instructions on them for infusing the perfect tea.

The teas sent were:
* Lemongrass – Brisk, refreshing and clean with a pure lemon essence. An invigorating citrus indulgence.
* Earl of Bengal – Unapologetically flavourful with a splash of bergamot citrus. A refreshing new take on the classic Earl Grey.
* Tulsi tea – Invigorating black tea blend with a rich, full-bodied spiciness. Excellent on ice.
* Green tea – Medium-bodied with earthy and grassy notes. A light finish with a refreshing, cooling quality.
* Black tea – Fresh and full-bodied with a sweet finish. Perfectly balanced with slight hints of honey. Perfect anytime.

Whilst I am not a huge hot drinks drinker, I do enjoy the odd cup of herbal tea and Teatulia’s teas have hit the spot and helped me relax and unwind. The refreshing lemongrass tea is my current favourite as the citrus flavour is very energising and gives a lovely fresh citrus kick.

As the teas I have been sent, every flavour in the UK range are safe to drink during pregnancy (Neem Nectar Tea from the Teatulia USA assortment are not advisable for pregnant women to drink) I can safely enjoy the distinct flavours of Teatulia teas.

A bonus of drinking the teas during pregnancy is that they are organic, all natural and help me keep my caffeine intake at a low.

I especially like Teatulia’s ethos, not only are they concerned about providing organic teas of premium quality to satisfy every taste but they are also concerned about the environment and how the teas are grown, being thoughtful about the land the teas are grown on and the people who lovingly tend to the tea.

There are currently 5 flavour varieties of Teatulia available in the UK

Teatulia teas retail at £3.40 for 20 individually wrapped sachets and are available from Holland & Barrett, Harrods and from September, independent health and wholefood stores nationwide. For further information visit

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