Friday 18 September 2015

Stunts and stars - World's Most Dangerous Stunts Performed by Stars.

Lee and I share a love for the movies. We are big film buffs, enjoying a variety of genres and appreciating the work of a number of stars.

As we both love watching films it is inevitable that films commonly feature during our date nights – even though date nights are now a rare occurrence.

Whilst we both love a variety of film genres including suspense, comedy and drama, Lee does not like to be overloaded with romantic ‘chick flick’ films and I rarely opt for horror films as my first choice – even though horror films do give me a good excuse to snuggle close to my man. One film genre that appeals to us both and most commonly features in our movie date nights is action.

We both enjoy watching the actors and actresses from the big screen perform an action packed and adventurous story keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Whilst the advances in CGI are fantastic and can really make a movie extraordinary there is something special about watching stunts that are complicated and elaborate that have been achieved without any or very little CGI. There is also something remarkable about watching a film where you know the stunt was performed by the actor/actress themselves in place of a stunt double.

One film that is on our movie date night to-do-list that stars a top A-lister doing his own stunt is the newest Mission Impossible film – Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation.

With many headlines discussing the fact that Tom Cruise performed his own stunts in the new Mission Impossible film even hanging off an aircraft as it took off, Into the Blue decided to look at other actors who perform their own action packed stunts.

If you want to see the stuntastic infographic in further detail and see what top stars performed their own stunts click here.

How many of the stunts showcased in the World’s Most Dangerous Stunts Performed by Stars Infograhic have you seen? 

Do you have a favourite stunt?

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