Saturday 10 October 2015

Babywearing whatever the weather.

Since Jelly Bean’s arrival I have been able to fully indulge in my love of babywearing once again, especially as my days of wearing Bug were becoming ever few and far between.

As one of the reasons I love babywearing with Jelly Bean is that it enables me to carry on having fun and adventures with Bug I have been looking at the different options out there to help me babywear whatever the weather – especially as we love having adventures in all kinds of weathers including the rain, cold and wind.

Our motto is ‘get the clothing right for the weather and our adventures can carry on regardless’.

 Bug enjoying a very wet day at the beach

So that our adventures can continue with Jelly Bean being part of them as I keep him close to me, I have been considering the options below for babywearing whatever the weather.

Wet weather wearing
For when we want to have adventures regardless of the rain or when the raining during the school run – that’ll be most days then here in Wales – I have been considering these options to keep Jelly Bean dry.

Oversized rain coat
A simple solution for keeping dry would be to have an oversized raincoat that can be worn with plenty of room to zip up over baby in the sling (baby’s head sticking out). As Jelly Bean gets bigger though this will becoming less practical and perhaps I will be best off with him wearing him own little raincoat.

Babywearing cover
A waterproof babywearing cover by BundleBean looks like a great way to keep baby dry and protected with its soft waterproof fabric backed in fleece. Specifically designed to work on all types of carriers including woven wraps and mei tai’s and all carries including front facing and back carries, the cover provides top to toe protection from the elements thanks to its removable hood and wide plus long design.

Babywearing raincoat
Lenny Lamb have coats designed for babywearing so that you can enjoy outdoor activities during the rain and cold. Their babywearing coats feature an outer fabric which is waterproof and breathable, and a fleece inside. Thanks to the clever design panels included for the purpose of babywearing you can carry your child in both front and back carries. As the coat has the two separate panels for babywearing you can also use the coat when tandem wearing!

Cold and chilly weather wearing
Whilst the above would also be great for keeping baby protected during colder days I have been looking at the options available for chilly but dry days when waterproof protection is not needed.

Oversized fleece jacket
Like the oversized raincoat option for rainy days, an oversized fleecejacket that is big enough to cover both you and baby is a simple and cheap option for colder days.

Babywearing Hoodie
The Boba Hoodie stocked by Slumber Roo is a babywearing cover that adds comfort and warmth, being ideal to wear on its own during Spring and Summer, and perfect for adding extra warmth under a coat in cold temperatures. It is made from a soft terry blend of cotton and spandex, and features hood, pockets and size zippers for access baby. The hoodie is designed to be used from birth through to toddler, fitting over Boba Wraps and Carriers as well as other soft structured carriers or mei tei’s and being suitable for both front or back carries.

Babywearing Poncho
The Aiska Babywearing Poncho Fleece stocked by Love To Be Natural provides warmth and protection from the wind and coldthanks to the polar fleece fabric. Being suitable for use with all types of wraps and carriers, the Aiska poncho can be worn when baby or child is being carried in a front or back carry.

The poncho features pockets so the babywearer can keep their hands warm, and a removeable cloak-style hood provides head protection too. The poncho also has a scarf that has been designed to be a comfortable neck support for sleeping baby.

A DIY option for adding a touch of warmth when babywearing on chillier days is getting a cape and adding a button or touch to keep the cape wrapped around both baby/child and babywearer.

Babywearing crochet blanket
Handmade Blankets and Beanies make babywearing blankets perfect for providing extra warmth and comfort. Handmade from soft 100% acrylic yarn the star crochet blankets are super cosy. The blankets can be custom made to order from a choice of beautiful yarn colours, my favourite being their colourful rainbow version.

They also make adorable handmade hats ideal for keeping little one’s heads warm when babywearing in chillier weather.

Sunny and hot weather wearing
When the weather is hot and sunny obviously you will not be in need coats, ponchos and extra layers, especially as a one layer of a wrap or sling replaces one layer of clothing. To keep baby comfortable and not too hot (for when we hopefully have lovely sunny weather next spring and summer) I have been looking at a few wraps ideal for carrying during hot and sunny weather.

Calin Bleu Cool Cotton Gauze
The Calin Bleu Cool Cotton Gauze wraps are made from 100% cotton which is light and breathable making them ideal wraps for babywearing during spring and summer when the weather is a sunny and hot.

Wrapsody Bali Breeze
The Wrapsody Bali Breeze wraps stocked by Slings and Things are perfect for hot weather carrying thanks to being made from very lightweight fair-trade cotton. They are suitable for babies up to around 18 months/30lb (approximately) and can be used with a variety of carries. The wraps are available in a range of stunning designs that are colourful and vibrant, with the wraps being hand dyed in Bali and fairly traded.

Extra babywearing accessories
A hat can be useful for all weather; a waterproof one is ideal for wet weather, a woolly or crochet hat is great for providing extra warmth in cold and windy weather and a summer hat is lovely for protecting little one’s head from the sun during hot and sunny weather.

Cotton Babylegs by Slumber Roo are ideal babywearing accessories. The soft and stretchy leg warmers are great during winter to keep your little one’s legs warm especially as they cover the gaps between baby’s boots and trousers. They are also great for sunny days as they provide lightweight sun protection and when the day begins to cool they provide warmth so legs don’t get cold and chilly. Babylegs are also a great way to add a touch of colour and style to any outfit.

Two important things to remember when babywearing –
1. Whatever your babywearing cover or accessory choice baby still needs to be visiable and their head not covered for safe babywearing that meets the T.I.C.K.S rule for babywearing.
2. One layer of a sling/wrap usually replaces one layer of clothing, so make sure you dress baby/child appropriately for the weather.

I know that we will be babywearing whatever the weather and having lots of adventures as a family as we do, I only need to get a few of the above to help us do so.

As a subtle hint to the other half for my upcoming birthday – take note Lee – top of my babywearing wish list wants are a handmade babywearing crochet star blanket by the talented Handmade Blankets and Beanies, a BundleBean babywearing cover, a Aiska Babywearing poncho, a Wrapsody Breeze wrap, a few babylegs from Slumber Roo, a Lenny Lamb coat……well pretty much all of the above!!!

Happy National Baby Wearing week and here's to happy babywearing whatever the weather!!


  1. Loved this post! I babywear daily whatever the weather but have so far managed without a specific coat but might add one to my Xmas list! The boba fleece looks awesome. I have a Colin Bleu wrap and it is perfect for boiling hot days!

    1. Same here so far only using my own coat but as Jelly Bean gets bigger it is going to get trickier and we have to do the school runs which we walk regardless of the weather. I love the look of the Calin Bleu wraps.

  2. I love the BundleBean, it's so pretty and great for the weather too. I also love the idea of handmade blankets, the one with the hood is super cute :-)

    1. I love the BundleBean, looks awesome and practical too. I know I love the handmade blankets too, wish I could crochet or find one in my santa stocking this Christmas :)

  3. I didn't realise it was baby wearing week! I baby wear sporadically but that's probably because it's so hot here coupled with the freezing air con (dubai) we use an ergo and dress the baby in just a vest. The wet and warm weather stuff looks great though wish I could use it!

    1. Oooh I have always wanted to try an ergo. Must be lovely to not have to worry about wet or warm weather stuff but a bit of a pain getting too hot too.

  4. My baby wearing days are well behind me, but what a wonderful selection of extras! #love2blog

    1. Thank you. I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to my babywearing days, might have to convince the other half for another baby ;)

  5. This is a great post. I love babywearing. The only time I struggle with it is when it is wet. I'm going to check out that waterproof cover. It's not to bad if it's only drizzling but when it's chucking it down even with a raincoat on her the carrier gets wet. x

    1. Same here, it's the rain we are struggling with. A light drizzle is quite refreshing but heavy downpour is horrendous and we both end up soaked x

  6. I love all of these but especially the crochet star cover - how original!

  7. I have just started using a Mei Tai with my 3 week old and I love it! I was wondering what we would do when it rained. x

  8. Some of these look great, especially the Lenny Lamb coat. I love babywearing and I hope I'll do it more with my next baby (if I'm lucky enough to have another). Great imformative post x

    1. Thanks so much. I'm hoping we have another baby too so I can carry on enjoying babywearing for longer x