Tuesday 27 October 2015

Dream kitchen.

I love spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking especially as I have fond memories of watching my Mamgu and Mum bake in our family kitchen when I was a child. Thanks to my childhood spent helping my loved ones bake in the farm house kitchen where everyone gathered for meals and family chats I consider the kitchen as the heart of the home.

Over the years I have lived in many houses where I would spend a lot of my time in the kitchen. Whilst my kitchens have always been adequately practical they have been far from lovely either being tiny, old fashioned or very worn around the ages.

As I often fantasise about having my dream kitchen I was interested to see whether my idea of a dream kitchen is similar or dissimilar to other people’s dream kitchens.

Premier producers of granite worktops in the UK Mayfair Granite recently conducted a survey about dream kitchens. They asked 1,000 UK residents if money was no issue what their dream kitchen would be like, asking them to pick their favourite items and features from 5 key categories – worktops, flooring, lighting, appliances and kitchen style.

Having thought about my dream kitchen for many years now I know exactly what I would love to have, if money was no issue of course as my dream kitchen seems to ignore the sensible notion of a respectable budget!

Like the 39% of people surveyed I would love granite surfaces in my dream kitchen and agree with the 32% of those surveyed that tile flooring is a top choice.

Would you go for granite, quartz or wood worktops?

Do you prefer a modern, traditional or country cottage style kitchen?

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