Monday 12 October 2015

JD Harris Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights review.

Having had 2 babies now it is vital that I do my pelvic floor exercises to strengthen my pelvic floor. After I had Bug I found doing traditional pelvic floor exercises not overly effective, as such I decided to look at options to help me strengthen my pelvic floor muscles following the birth of Jelly Bean.

As I wrote before JD Harris’ Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights are designed to precisely exercise the muscles in your pelvis effectively and easily.

* Effective, non-surgical treatment for mild female incontinence
* Strengthen pelvic floor
* Just 15 minutes a day
* Perfect for post-childbirth pelvic floor restoration
* Can improve sexual performance and satisfaction for both partners
* Completely natural – no side effects
* Weights are manufactured to the highest clinical standards of safety and comfort

They come in 6 different weights. Even though they are different weights the pelvic exercise weights are all the same, comfortable small size. The 6 weights are colour coded to that they are easy to recognise and use – 
* 25g White
* 40g Rose
* 55g Pink
* 70g Magenta
* 85g Violet
* 95g Plum

I have been using the Kegel pelvic exercise weights for a number of weeks now following my postnatal recovery and have found them very easy to use. Here are a few of the key things I like about the weights –

1. Core muscle exercise
Compared to after having Bug when I did traditional pelvic floor exercises, I have found that my pelvic floor is stronger since doing pelvic floor exercises using the weights.

I like that the weights are beneficial to my health wise as they focus on working the correct muscles and help strengthen my pelvic floor which in turn will hopefully reduce my chances of suffering from incontinence.
Using the weights I feel as if I am effectively exercising and strengthening the muscles compared to traditional pelvic exercises which feel ineffective and weak.

2. Ease of use 
I love how easy the weights are to use and how they can be used at any-time that suits you, even being able use them whilst walking and standing as you go about your daily routine. The fact that it takes only 15 minutes to exercise with them is also a big bonus.

The weights come with clear instructions on how to use. You gently insert each weight, starting with the smallest (white – 25g), and attempt to hold in place for 2 minutes by contracting your pelvic muscles. You move onto the next weight, until you find the weight that you cannot hold in place for 2 minutes, which is known as your ‘starter weight’.

Practicing with your ‘starter weight’ on a daily basis until you can consistently hold it for 15 minutes; you progress up the weights until you get to the heaviest weights.

3. Design 
I like the shape and size of the weights as they were comfortable for me to use to exercise my pelvic floor muscles. I appreciate the fact that the size and shape remains the same regardless of the weight rather than getting bigger as the weight increases.

I also like the fact that there is a great range of weights in the set, more than other similar products available on the market and that the heaviest weight 95g is heavier than other sets. It is great the weights vary in colour to define the different weights.

4. Effective
I love the fact that these weights are effective, non-surgical and completely natural treatment with no side-effects for mild female incontinence and for strengthening pelvic floor muscles.

It is also great to see that the weights are working as I progress onto heavier weights, seeing how I can hold a weight longer every exercise session going from not being able to hold it for 2 minutes to consistently holding it for 15 minutes. Thanks to progressing through the weights I can tell that my pelvic floor is stronger than before.

5. Storage
I appreciate that the weights come in their own little storage box where all the weights can be stored together safely.

If you could do with some help to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you can purchase the Kegel Pelvic Exercise Weights on the JD Harris website for a great price of £19.95 (RRP £29.95). They are also covered by the JD Harris 90 day no-quibble money back guarantee!

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