Thursday 26 November 2015

Christmas day fun.

After the Christmas presents have been unwrapped and Christmas lunch been devoured until bellies are fit to bursting it can be tempting to curl up and have a nap but if you want the Christmas fun to carry on here are a few ideas of activities that you can enjoy Christmas day.

Play with presents
An obvious activity is to play with the new things you have received as Christmas presents. With the excitement of the day getting to children it can be a bit of a free-for-all with children being so excited they jump from one new toy to another. A good idea is to get them to pick one thing at a time to play with, getting them to play with it for a good time so that they are not jumping from one new thing to another too quickly.

Playing with new presents is not limited to the little kids let the big kids play with their new gadgets and toys too, and get playing with the kids and their new toys for lots of family fun.

Watch a Christmas film
Instead of curling up for a nap why not curl up and get cosy to watch a Christmas film instead. Relish the festive season and keep the Christmas mood alive with a classic Christmas film that the whole family can enjoy together. Sitting down to watch a film can also be a great way to calm excitable children.

Go for a Christmas day walk
Get some fresh air and exercise with a Christmas day walk. Having a walk is a good way to burn off children’s excess energy and excitement. If they have been lucky enough to get a bike or scooter if the weather is nice why not take them out for the walk for a test drive.

Play games
There are a host of games you could play alone or as a family. If there is a new console in the house why not play together to test out the new console and games. Or why not take some time out from the hecticness of the household and the kids playing with their new toys with some Christmas bingo fun; take a look at to find the bingo website for you. Don’t forget there is always the option of playing classic board games such as monopoly or scrabble for lots of family fun.

Have a family photoshoot
With the whole family together for the day why not capture the magic of the day in a photograph to treasure forever by doing a little family photoshoot. It can be especially nice to do a photoshoot if you enjoy the day with extended family as it can sometimes be a rare occasion that the whole family are together at once. It is also nice if it becomes a yearly tradition so that you can see how the family have changed and grown over the years.

Do you have Christmas day activities that you enjoy?

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