Sunday 1 November 2015

How to live an independent life with Arthritis.

As I’ve mentioned before many of my loved ones are affected by arthritis which impacts on their daily lives. I have seen my loved ones who suffer from arthritis struggle to complete daily tasks such as dressing and making meals, simple tasks that most of us take for granted.

I have witnessed my mum who suffers from  Rheumatoid arthritis deal with daily pain and a battle to live independently. I have also seen my granddad who suffers from Osteoarthritis worsen over the years, being less able to life independently as his symptoms gradually get worse and take over his life.

For the over 10 million people living with Arthritis in the UK it can be hard to live an independent life.  Due to the fact that arthritis has a damaging effect on the effectiveness and flexibility of joints throughout the body suffers have to deal with symptoms such as pain, stiffness and reduced movement all of which has an impact on their daily lives and what tasks they can complete.  

Unfortunately this commonly known disease currently has no cure and as arthritis is a degenerative disease sufferers will see the symptoms of arthritis worsen over time which sadly has a knock on effect on how independent a life they can lead. Thankfully though there is equipment available to help support arthritis suffers and enables them to lead an independent life.

Passionate about helping people live independently, NRS Healthcare who specialise in disability equipment, mobility aids and rehab supplies have produced a useful infographic guide to show arthritis suffers the different equipment available to help them lead a more independent life. 

The Live an Independent Life with Arthritis infographic is also packed with useful tips to help make life that little bit easier for arthritis suffers along with interesting facts about this degenerative disease that affects so many people.

For suffers who struggle to get out of bed then a grab rail can helpful. And for arthritis suffers who struggle to eat meals then specially adapted cutlery can be a lifesaver as it enables them to independently eat meals.

Whilst I wish there was a cure for arthritis so my loved ones who suffer from it along with the huge number of other arthritis suffers did not have to suffer from this terrible disease, I think it is brilliant that there are useful equipment available to help arthritis suffers live and independent life regardless of suffering from arthritis. 

Do you suffer from arthritis? How does it impact on your daily life?

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