Wednesday 2 December 2015

Brave adventures with the Brave Bones Club.

Bug loves adventures in the great outdoors. He is at his happiest when he is outdoors running, jumping, and exploring.

As Bug loves being in the great outdoors so much he joined the Cheesestrings Brave Bones Club, taking the oath to get stuck in and have adventures. He loves the challenge of collecting the Brave Bones Club Badges and wants to collect them all and get a certificate of bravery for all of the challenges he completes.

I love the Brave Bones Club ethos that adventurous play encourages children to be stronger and more confident when they grow up.

Following a snack of Cheesestrings and Yollies Bug donned his Rockin' Baby Arrow Outfit and had a brave and fun adventure in the woods with his new Brave Bones Club kit.

He explored the woods with a little help from his shiny gold compass.

He inspected the trees, foliage and wildlife with his magnifying glass.

He scouted out the woods with a little help from his binoculars.

But most of all he had fun and brave adventures exploring the wonderful woods, leaping and jumping as he went.

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