Thursday 31 December 2015

HiPP Organic #WeanTeam

A few weeks ago, when Jelly Bean was 20 weeks old we started weaning him. We decided to wean him earlier than the current recommended 6 months after we had noticed the telltale signs of being ready to wean such as being able to hold his head steady and stay in a sitting position, making chewing motions as well as being able to co-ordinate his eyes, hands and mouth to be able to look at food, pick it up and put it in his mouth by himself. With him showing the signs above and taking a keen interest in food, after a little chat with our health visitor we decided to start him on the wonderful journey of weaning.

With Jelly Bean beginning weaning we were delighted when we were selected to be part of a weaning ambassadorship.

We are now officially part of the HiPP Organic #WeanTeam and its 12 month blogger programme which will follow every step of Jelly Bean’s weaning journey!

Along with 9 other bloggers and their beautiful baba’s we will share with you the exciting time of weaning and the taste experiences Jelly Bean has from his first tastes to full meals as he tries the HiPP Organic products.

In the hectic lead up to Christmas we were invited to a special HiPP Wean Team Baby Brunch event in Birmingham where we got to meet the other #WeanTeam bloggers, members of the HiPP team and Hipp’s resident nutritionist.

We had a lovely albeit long day (with lots of eventful travelling in the car and train!) in the beautiful venue where HiPP had catered for all of our needs with food laid on for both parents and babies and a little play area for the little ones to relax and play in where Jelly Bean got to have lots of fun playtime and a munch on some organic veggies!

I must admit I learnt a few number of things about HiPP Organic that I found pleasantly surprising. Whilst the name and connection to baby food was well known to me even before we weaned Bug a few years ago when he enjoyed their food, I did not know that HiPP Organic is a family run business! I incorrectly assumed that it was a huge business run by a corporation.

I found the whole history of HiPP Organic very interesting –

HiPP Organic was created by Joseph HiPP, who in 1899 created the rusk after his wife was having difficulty nursing their twins. The popularity of this rusk grew and grew, and in 1932 Joseph HiPP launched his own company. Later, in 1956 Joseph’s son Georg expanded the family business and developed new industrial manufacturing process for organic baby food in jars. Today HiPP Organic is run by Georg’s son Claus and grandson Stefan.

I love that the logo has remained unchanged for years, again incorrectly assuming that it was a modern design of recent times. I also love that the name HiPP Organic is inspired by Joseph’s family name which luckily is a rather - excuse the pun – hip name.

All of the interesting history and HiPP’s values made me feel even more proud and delighted to be working with them for the next year. I love that the principles of creating the very best food for babies made from carefully selected finest, organic ingredients to help babies grow and develop healthily and happily, principles that founded the company are still at the heart of everything HiPP Organic do today.

We also got to find out more about the year ahead working with HiPP Organic who will be supporting Jelly Bean as he goes on his weaning journey.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity to have a one-to-one session with HiPP Organic’s resident nutritionist Helen who discussed our personal weaning plans.

Not only was it great to hear HiPP’s history it was also interesting to learn about their vast range of baby food products – more than 150 products in the UK which includes milk, cereals, fruit pots, jars, tray meals, juices and pouches.

We had a lovely time at the Baby Brunch and loved meeting a few of the other #WeanTeam bloggers and babies.

Since the event HiPP have treated Jelly Bean with an amazing crate full of goodies to help him on his weaning journey and to help us document this exciting time and all of the other exciting developments and milestones he will achieve over the next year.

He is especially fond of the adorable HiPPofant.

To help him start his weaning journey he was also sent a lovely selection of tasty HiPP Organic food which he cannot wait to try.

We are delighted to be working with HiPP who have been delightful sending Jelly Bean a gorgeous and very sweet personalised stocking. This little stocking and its adorable contents is the best gift under the Christmas tree this year for me!


We look forward to the next year and can’t wait to share Jelly Bean’s weaning journey with HiPP Organic with you as well as seeing how the other #weanteam members are getting on.


  1. Lovely to meet you and looking forward to sharing the next year together. Cute picture of Jelly Bean in his crate!

  2. I adore that picture of Jelly Bean in his stocking. How kind of HiPP to send him a personalised stocking. And that hamper looks amazing. Just what you need to start your weaning journey. I found the whole weaning process very stressful. So having help from HiPP and speaking to their nutritionist must really make the whole process a lot easier. Good luck. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  3. I'm looking forward to following the journeys of the Hipp Wean Team. I struggled with weaning Lamb, I felt so lost and didn't know what I was doing. I now have the most selective eater you will meet, he lives of bread and crackers. I really hope I find weaning easier with baby number 2 xx

  4. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Your baby is adorable!

  5. Aww what a cutie! I love the photo of him in the high chair where's he's surrounded by all the yummy HIPP goodies. I can't believe how generous they've been, that's fabulous and you must be so pleased to be part of the wean team. The stocking is fantastic and the pictures are so sweet xx

  6. Hipp organic is such a great brand , looks like you had a lovely time at the event. Good luck on your weaning journey. I remember weaning both of mine lots of fun getting all their bits together and helping them on the road to eating well. Look forward to seeing your next post x

  7. We loved HiPP as a brand when weaning. Even now their snacks are fantastic for the kidss

  8. This all looks so fab! I love the pouches. Love the stocking picture too! So cute! Xx

  9. I love your photos! Eliza is really enjoying her HiPP goodies, cant wait to follow your weaning journey!