Tuesday 15 December 2015

Living off the grid.

Living off the grid is a life goal for some, but can be quite nerve racking. To start living off the grid you don’t have to instantly move to the middle of nowhere and cut off all ties with the modern world. Living a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature, using only economical natural resources is difficult but can be really rewarding. Below are a few basic tips to get you started if you’re thinking of going off the grid but scared to take the plunge.

Start storing fuel.
Storing your own fuel is a great way to start if you’re thinking of moving towards living off the grid. Invest in a fuel storage tank to start storing your own fuel. If you can buy the fuel when it’s cheap and stock up this works out much cheaper and means you’ll be self-sufficient and confident in the knowledge that you’ll never run out of fuel. 

Learn how to grow your own food.
There are lots of different methods you can use to grow your own food. Crop rotation on an allotment is a great way to start. By planting crops that belong to different plant families in different areas of your beds and then rotating them around the beds each passing year, you should have healthy crop of nutritious fruit and vegetables. Rotating your crops has lots of benefits, plants are less likely to pick up bugs and diseases and it helps to prevent weeds from growing.

Creating your own electricity.
Solar panels, a wind turbine, a generator, what exactly do you need to create your own electricity? If you haven’t already, investing in solar panels as the first step. Solar panels are an amazing way to generate your own energy and a great starting point. A small wind turbine on the roof of your home is also another great way to make your own electricity. Sometimes they can be expensive to install but can significantly reduce your electricity bills and another bonus is that all the energy that you don’t use can be sold back to the national grid.

If you do want to go off the grid, having a backup generator installed with an automatic switch is also a good idea. Relying on solar panels and wind turbines is difficult when you can’t always depend on the weather and a generator means you’ll always have a reliable power supply. 

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