Friday 4 March 2016

Designz bedding by Snüz.

As I’ve previously mentioned we love Snüz and their truly amazing, high quality 3-in-1 bedside crib, the SnüzPod. Adding to the reasons why we love the SnüzPod and its creators Snüz, is a brand new and very fabulous range of bedding.

The recently launched Designz bedding collection by Snüz is currently available in 3 equally lovely different ‘Designz’ – Rootin’ Tootin’, Little Tweets, and Cloud Nine.

As I have a little obsession with clouds, stars and the colour grey at the moment, I opted for the Cloud Nine Designz bedding set for Jelly Bean’s SnüzPod.

The 100% cotton fitted sheets and blanket are super soft and comfortable, being the perfect bedding for my little baby to sleep on. My baby’s body temperature is helped to be controlled when he is snoozing away thanks to the lightweight and breathable jersey cotton.

The sheets fit the SnüzPod mattress like a glove, with the sheet being smartly elasticated all the way around so the sheet stays firmly in place.

The white, grey and yellow colour scheme of Cloud Nine is lovely, giving the bedding a delicate and crisp finish. The bedding is super stylish and the perfect pairing to the #SnüzStyle of the SnüzPod.

The crisp white fitted sheets are beautifully adorned with grey and yellow shooting stars, ideal for baby to rest their head on as they snooze and drift off to dreamland.

The cotton jersey Designz blanket is a lovely thick and very soft reversible blanket. On the one side are white clouds decorating a soft grey background, whilst on the other side the cloud theme continues with grey and yellow clouds floating across a crisp white background.

I adore the blanket and its cloud design. Not only is it perfect for using with the SnüzPod but it is also handy for using to cover Jelly Bean in the car seat too.

Not only is the Designz bedding perfect for the SnüzPod it is also available in a range of sizes from Moses Basket to Cot and Cot Bed.

Another bonus for me about the Designz bedding is that it is machine washable and tumble dryer safe……essential for baby bedding!

We love, love, love the Designz Cloud Nine bedding which is perfect for my little dreamer and as we are near our days with the SnüzPod and will soon have to say goodbye it is a relief to know that thanks to the blanket we will still have a little bit of Snüz love in our life…….plus we can always get the bedding in cot size so we can enjoy the shooting stars sheets for longer!


  1. The bedding looks lovely and so cosy. I love cloud print too and grey and yellow. So complimentary together. Lovely pictures your little one looks so happy x

  2. These look lovely. I adore SNUZ. I worked with them when Edie was born, not only are their products superb but they are the most wonderful company to work with - really great ethos :) Hx

  3. This looks fab - such lovely pictures too. I've not used a snuzpod before but heard such good things about them

  4. This looks great! I love the design and the grey and yellow colour scheme.

  5. Beautiful set, love the colours and the cloud prints, so relaxing!xx

  6. Just lovely! Grey and yellow are my favourite's for babies.

  7. Oh I have been eyeing this set up recently! A snuzpod is definitely on my wish list for baby number 2, whenever that may be! The bedding is so gorgeous. xo

  8. This is gorgeous. We loved our Snuzpod and this would have really finished it off!

  9. These are so beautiful!! I wish I had bought a Snuzpod with Phoebs as all these accessories are just too pretty! x