Friday 24 June 2016

Nutrition for little ones on the move.

It feels as if Jelly Bean's time as a little baby passed in a blink of an eye. Even when he was a newborn he was strong and determined. He was holding his head up, pushing to stand up and rolling over from young. Those newborn days of a sleepy baby only kicking his legs about and waving his arms but not going anywhere were soon forgotten and he was on the move!

At 5 months he was commando crawling everywhere and traditional crawling soon followed suit, with him being able to cross a room very swiftly. 

Along with crawling Jelly Bean developed an amusing knee jig walk that he still does today especially when excited.

Jelly Bean on the move and having fun on the beach a couple of months ago.

Once he was on the move there was no stopping him and he was soon cruising along furniture, using his surroundings to help him walk. Now at 11 months old he uses a combination of his moves including tentatively walking unaided!! (where has my baby gone!) to get anywhere and everywhere, often chasing after his big brother and trying to get Bug's toys.

To help Jelly Bean have fun when on the move HiPP Organic kindly sent him a cool wooden fire engine walker which he was delighted at receiving.

Whilst Lee has always loved spending time with Jelly Bean he prefers older babies to newborns and he loves this stage where babies are on the move and enjoying playing. Since Jelly Bean has been on the move and his character has been shining brightly Lee has really bonded with him and the both of them along with Bug have developed a tight, love filled and special bond, all boys together having fun. The all boys club had a extra fun and special day together at Folly Farm recently to celebrate Father's Day.

With the extra physical exertion Jelly Bean is doing along with developing physically and mentally, it is important that he gets good nutrition, enjoys a healthy diet and is hydrated.

Thankfully apart from when he is unwell or teething Jelly Bean is a brilliant little eater. He enjoys a wide variety of foods and like his big brother has a big appetite. He loves his fruit, with juicy mango and sweet strawberries being his favourite at the moment. Vegetables are also eaten with gusto, with him loving peas especially as he loves trying to chase them on the plate before gobbling them up! Other favourite foods include chicken, rice, youghurt and porridge.

To help Jelly Bean have a full stomach and lots of energy for being on the go and having lots of fun and adventures we use a combination of home cooked foods and HiPP Organic baby foods which are especially handy for when out and about on the move having family days out.

Thanks to HiPP Organic's family beliefs and values which has seen them stick to being naturally organic for over 60 years when making their baby foods and using farming techniques that ensure the soil their crops are grown in are full of nutrients for future crops and the next generation I can be confident that Jelly Bean is benefiting from organic food when eating HiPP Organic baby food.

As HiPP Organic only use the finest organic ingredients in their baby foods, ingredients which are tested for up to 1,200 different pollutants before being accepted for use, I can trust that only flawless and true organic ingredients along with sustainably sourced ingredients are used in HiPP Organic products so that little ones get the best possible quality food which are packed full of organic goodness and nutrition.

HiPP Organic have a very useful and informative food guide on their website about nutrition and how to give your little one a healthy diet.

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