Thursday 16 June 2016

Positive Feng Shui for your child's bedroom

Sleep is vital to help your child get the most out of life - something that Childrens Bed Shop knows inside out, with its range of themed bedrooms and flexible sleep solutions. As with adults, a bad night's sleep can translate into a less than perfect day. By having a restful, calming and organised space, your children will be able to play more happily, sleep more easily and generally experience peace of mind and a sense of relaxation.

Pick the Right Colours
Soothing colours help to create relaxation and prepare children for sleep. Use just two colours to keep the room calming or choose gentle pastel shades. Try calming neutral shades like light pink, soft blue, peach, green, pale yellow and cream. Avoid very energising colours such as the primaries or any neons. These are great for an energised playroom but over-stimulating for the bedroom.

Artwork and Accessories
Inspiring pictures, prints and frames are great in a child's bedroom - rainbows, clouds, stars, nature scenes and so forth. Feng shui principles also suggest painting a strong and tall tree on the bedroom window to promote healthy growth.

Plants are also very valuable to have in the bedroom, especially for older children who might be moody. Look after the plant well and it will provide plenty of air-purifying benefits and a nurturing space. Good choices include Areca palms, peace lilies, English ivy, rubber plants and bamboo. A lily on a windowsill is also lovely for a girl and easy to care for with a regular amount of water in small doses and plenty of sunshine. It is a good idea generally to bring nature into the space - open windows regularly to let fresh air in.

Minimise Digital

It is well worth minimising or completely removing electronics from the bedroom - TV screens, monitors, phones and so forth - as the energy they produce has been shown to interfere with sleep. 

Also avoid aggressive and high-energy d├ęcor elements, such as violent video game images, battle scenes, weapons and even wild animals. Again, under the principles of feng shui, these will stimulate aggressiveness in your child.

Arranging Furniture

To maximise energy in a room, use plenty of mirrors and windows. Decorate windows with soft drapes as well as a blind to keep the light out. In terms of furniture arrangement, do not put the bed under heavy shelves full of toys, beams, a skylight or a window. 

Children should be able to see the door and have the headboard resting against a solid wall. Bedding should be inviting and comfortable and with a soft colour scheme. Keep the area under the bed clear of junk, and don't have a reflective surface opposite the bed, as this is said to stimulate nightmares.

It is also important not to overfill a bedroom with furniture - keep things small and organised and check that everything has a proper place. Good things to have include a wooden bed with breathing room underneath, stars on the ceiling for a night sky and a picture of their family near the bed. Remove electronics, bins, phones and even pets for the best sleep.

You'll find that these tips actually help you to create a space that does far more than simply allow for a good night's sleep. Often an entire child's development and attitude can be shaped by their environment, with children in chaotic environments mirroring that negative energy around them. Calm, beautiful, carefully arranged and well-ordered spaces help the child to be creative, calm themselves and develop to their full potential without irritation and distraction.

The same rules also apply to the rest of the house, and you'll probably find that once you start implement feng shui one room you'll feel inclined to move across the rest of the house and do the same.

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