Monday 25 July 2016

How to make the most of your storage space in business

Whether you have a small independent business or are part of a larger national business one thing that can be key for efficiency, a happy workplace and money saving is effective and suitable storage for your business.

Use storage solutions suited to your business and products
When designing your storage space it pays to consider your specific storage needs so that you incorporate a storage system suited to your products as well as making full use of the space. For example look at Cantilever Racking by WSSL in Harrogate if you need to store products that are too long or too wide for standard storage units. To get storage solutions best suited for your business needs consider using experts in storage solutions who can consult with you and design the ultimate storage for your business that makes the most of your space.

Be savvy with your space
Make sure you make full use of the business space you have. It can be tempting to change premises as your business expands however this can be costly so look at making the most of the resources utilise the space you already have. Before making a big move to a new premises consider enhancing the space you already have, for example mezzanine floors can be used to maximise space and can be purchased and fitted for less cost compared to moving costs.

Organise your space
When looking at storage solutions as well as thinking about the best storage units for your products and space, it pays to think about how you want your products organised and what you need to access more regularly than other products. By thinking about what stock needs to be accessed more than others you can design a storage space that is organised and efficient, for example designing the space with stock that employees need to access regularly in an accessible area will save time and help make the business run smoothly. It is also important to organise stock safely for safe keeping of stock – fragile items need to be stored differently to large, durable items – and for the health and safety of workers.

Do you have any business storage tips? 

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