Wednesday 31 August 2016

Beautiful antique and vintage jewellery from Berganza

I’ve always loved jewellery. Like a magpie I am instinctively attracted and drawn to shiny and sparkly things. Beautifully crafted pieces of jewellery made with precious metals, stunning diamonds, and natural gemstones are heaven to me.

The most precious piece of jewellery I own is my engagement ring. It may not be the most expensive piece of jewellery I own or the most lavish but the meaning behind it and the love surrounding it makes it dearly precious and important to me. Unfortunately after awhile of proudly wearing it on my finger one day I noticed that one of the diamonds were sadly missing.

As my engagement ring lost a diamond Lee has always said he would love to buy me a new one. Knowing my love of antique and vintage jewellery he wants to get a vintage engagement ring for me.

Whilst I love all jewellery and admire all styles new and old, my heart is always drawn to antique and vintage jewellery. I love the uniqueness of vintage jewellery and that they all have their own special history.

Berganza are specialist jewellers based in the Heart of Hatton Garden, London who proudly have one of the largest collection of ancient, antique and vintage engagement rings in the world.

Satisfying my love of stunning pieces of jewellery they offer exceptional, breath-taking pieces from an impressive range of design periods including elegant Edwardian, bold Art Deco, ornate Victorian, Ancient Roman, rare gem-set Medieval pieces and retro vintage designs. Crafted by hand and with a unique historical background each piece is a one of a kind.

As well as engagement rings Berganza also offer a huge selection of other antique and vintage jewellery such as rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches, pendants and cuff-links.

To help Lee know what type of style engagement ring I would love so that he can find the perfect, one-off antique engagement ring that has been handcrafted to the highest standard with hand cut diamonds or natural and unenhanced gemstones here are a few of my favourite engagement rings from Berganza that simply take my breath away as they are truly stunning.

Art Deco Ruby and Diamond Cluster ring - circa 1935

Antique Sapphire and Diamond Cluster ring - circa 1900

Art Deco Mauve Sapphire and Diamond engagement ring - circa 1935

Edwardian Solitaire Diamond ring - English, circa 1910

Do you own any antique pieces of jewellery? 

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