Wednesday 17 August 2016

New York City holiday hopes

Over 100 years ago my ancestor packed his bags and set sail across the sea to start life in a new country. Leaving his home in Wales he settled and started a new adventure in the Big Apple in the USA.

Living and working in New York he soon made a new life for himself and met a woman who he courted and then married. After marrying his beloved they soon had a family, with their children going on to have children of their own and so forth until today where there is a long line of his descendents living in various areas of America. His descendants are our distant relatives.

About 15 years ago whilst doing family tree research I found all of this out and made contact with a number of our relatives living across the pond. Since then we have stayed in contact, speaking regularly thanks to the wonder of the world wide web. The relatives we are closest to who still live in New York have also visited us twice whilst holidaying in the UK.

As we love spending time with them when they visit and love to travel and experience new places and countries, we hope to be able to make the trip across the pond ourselves in the near future and visit them. We’ve spoken so much about holidaying over there and cannot wait until the day that we do.

Having only travelled to America once before on a holiday to Florida it would also be a small step to fulfilling my dream of experiencing the other states and cities that the land of free has to offer.

A holiday to visit our family in America and experience the big apple would be a once in a lifetime dream come true.

As well as visit and spend time with our yank family we plan on visiting and experiencing all that the Big Apple has to offer.

To help us experience the extensive sites and attractions that New York has to offer we will be buying tourist passes from Vacation Pass.

A top benefit of buying the passes from Vacation Pass is that they will help us save money which will mean more money to spare so we can cram the holiday full with lots of days out and experiences, plus have more spending money!

We hope to visit a number of renowned New York City attractions as well as see and experience lesser known sites and attractions. Out must-do attractions are -

Statue of Liberty
A holiday to New York would not be complete without a visit to see the Statue of Liberty. I just have to see the icon that has become a famous symbol of America which my ancestor once saw over a 100 years ago when he first arrived in New York. Along with a tour of the Statue I also plan on enjoying a tour of Ellis Island too.

Central Park
A visit to see the world famous Central Park that is the hub of New York City would be a true New York experience that would make our holiday extra special. Since the days of watching Friends where Central Park was mentioned and featured I have always wanted to take a stroll through and experience the cultural events at the park.

Empire State Building
As we have admired the building that towers high above the New York City skyline from afar in photographs and film for many years it would be truly memorable to see the Empire State Building in person.

We also want to visit the art galleries and museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History, the Bronx Zoo, the Lincoln Center and the Rockefeller Center, along with other sites and attractions.

Have you been to New York City? What attractions and sites would you recommend as must-do for a dream holiday in the Big Apple?

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