Wednesday 31 August 2016

The everyday objects that kids love to play with

When you welcome a baby into your home the newborn days are over in what feels like a blink of an eye. Soon your tiny little newborn is a baby on the move who has a mind of their own. Regardless of the amount of toys and appealing baby things you give them most babies seem to be instinctively attracted to the things they shouldn’t have.

Jelly Bean is just like his big brother before him was, wanting to play with the everyday objects that are not really designed for babies to play with.

Whilst there are some everyday objects that I don’t really object to him playing with and love how his imagination is sparked by them - he like most kids loves to play with empty boxes which are a blank haven for imaginative play and he finds it very amusing to drag out the pots and pans to play drums on - there are a few things things I try to avoid letting him play with.

There are a few key things that Jelly Bean is always attracted to that whilst not a big danger to play with, it can be annoying when he does so thanks to the risk of him breaking or losing them.

Here are Jelly Bean’s favourite everyday items that he is always over the moon with getting his little hands on -

Jelly Bean’s eyes always come alive and glisten when he sees gadgets. Stubbornly he will do his utmost to get to and snatch gadgets. His favourite gadgets to play with are smartphones, cameras and the PS4 controller (the blue light that it shines is like a beacon to him).

Whilst it is not a huge deal that he tries to play with our gadgets when he does get his hands on them there is the risk that he could break them or accidentally delete things on them.

Giving him his own baby friendly versions of gadgets does seem to quench his desire for gadgety things and he does love to play with his own little phone or tablet. Whilst he loves his gadgets if he gets sight of ours he always makes a beeline for the real deal opting for the grownup gadgets over his toy gadgets.

Like a magpie Jelly Bean is attracted to all things shiny especially keys. The feel and sound of keys is a delight to him and if he can get his hand on a set of jingling keys he is a happy little chappy.

I don’t really like him chopping on real keys and another bothersome problem with him getting his hands on a set of keys is that he has a tendency to hide them….and hide them well!

On one occasion Jelly Bean had sneakily got his hands on a set of keys and after playing with them for a little while he hid them. When I realised the keys were missing a hunt of the whole house ensued to no avail. As the keys were so well hidden they were lost to me I had to get a new set of keys cut. Thanks to Fast Keys who are the leading specialist of replacement keys I managed to order a new set of keys online using their bespoke key search function with the keys arriving in no time at all thanks to their fast service.

Having experienced the drama of lost keys thanks to little fingers I make extra sure not to let him get his hands on any keys. As baby plastic toys don’t satisfy his desire for keys we recently treated him to his own set of keys - B LucKeys which thanks to the 4 safe stainless steel keys that feel cold like ‘real’ keys he is now satisfied and no longer wants my set of keys.

As soon as Jelly Bean eyes my purse he is trying to make a grab for it. If he is lucky enough to get his hands on it he loves opening and closing it as well as pulling out my cards to put back in once again.

The major downside to him playing with my purse is that I have to make sure all money and cards are back in there again once I have wrestled the purse off of him and have to sort out the cards again as he likes to put them back in all over the place and in a different order.

To satisfy his desire for playing with cards and money we have given him a little till with fake money to play with and an old purse with used gift cards.

What everyday items does your little one love to play with? 

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