Monday 22 August 2016

What to do when the worst happens to your home

We all fear the worst when it comes to our homes, especially during the holiday season when we’re away for extended periods of time. There’s the worry of break-ins or vandalism, not to mention fires or floods. So, what do you do when the worst happens to your home? Let’s go through some of the worst-case scenarios and what you can do to get things fixed.

It’s the biggest fear for many homeowners. What would you do if someone broke into your house? Unfortunately, this does happen - even if you think it could never possibly happen to you! 

Ideally, you want to put measures in place to stop a break-in from ever happening. Investing in an alarm system or security cameras tend to put burglars off before they’ve even got to the door. 

If you ever do experience a break-in, then your first phone call must be to the police. Don’t enter the house or touch anything until they have been round and taken any evidence they need. You will also want to call your insurance company to claim on your contents insurance, for items that have been stolen or damaged. It’s a horrible experience, and many victims of break-ins will want to spend a few days away from their home. This is entirely natural, but try not to let one incident make you feel unsafe on your own property.

For some people, vandalism is a constant occurrence. Perhaps you have a lot of unruly kids or teenagers living nearby or maybe there are just a handful of individuals who like causing trouble. This can lead to broken windows or graffiti on the exterior of your house. 

If this is happening then you need to make sure the police are aware. It may also be a good idea to set up security cameras, so you can gather evidence. 

Broken windows or doors will need to be fixed right away. You can use wooden boards as a temporary measure until your insurance comes through. There are also plenty of graffiti removal techniques that will help you get paint or pen off the exterior of your home. The key is not to let them win and make sure that every incident is reported, every piece of evidence gathered, and hopefully that charges are pressed.

Fires and Floods
These are two of the worst possible things that could happen to your home because in most cases you could lose everything. 

Flooding has become more of a common occurrence around the globe and is utterly devastating. Make sure you check your insurance policy to ensure you’re covered for flash floods

Fires are a horrific and sometimes deadly accident that nobody ever wants to have to deal with. Making sure you have working smoke alarms is essential, as they could save your life. Practice general fire safety, like blowing out candles and ensuring the hob is turned off at all times. 

If any of these incidents do happen to your home, then it can be devastating. However, you need to react quickly to get things back to normal. Liaise with local charities and groups who may be able to help you get back on your feet. Make sure you’ve logged everything with your insurance to claim back as much as possible too.

None of us ever want to think about the worst happening to our homes. However, it’s more sensible to consider what could happen and make sure you’re prepared. Hopefully, this advice will ensure you know what to do, whatever the situation. And hopefully, these situations will never arise.

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