Sunday 25 September 2016

Creative writing & NCC Home Learning competition

Having been a bookworm from a young age with a love of the written word, it is no surprise that as I got older I developed a love of writing. When I was a teenager I started dabbling with writing. I’d spend hours writing short stories, poems and songs.

I’ve always found writing to be relaxing, a lovely way to be creative and it can also be very cathartic. My love of writing is what inspired me to start this blog.

Whilst I love writing and adore my little space of the internet here where I can write about anything and everything as well as writing unpublished posts galore, I often wish I had more time to write creatively. Thanks to a hectic life I just never seem to get the time to sit down in peace to write poems, songs and stories as I used to. I miss writing where I can let my creativity shine. I often have ideas of stories to write and lines of poems popping into my head, but I never seem to have the time or energy to do much with them and actually put pen to paper.

As I want to write creatively once again I have been looking at signing up for a creative writing course. Whilst browsing courses I came across a competition to win a free creative writing course. If like myself you have an interest in creative writing then this competition may well be of interest to you.

NCC Home Learning who offer home learning courses have an exciting Fiction/Creative Writing Competition running at the moment (ends 30/11/16) with the prize being a free creative writing course from their website which can be completed online from your home.

Details of the Creative Writing Diploma offered by NCC Home Learning

To enter the competition for a chance to win a free creative writing course via NCC Home Learning simply enter your details and answer a literary themed question on this page -

Make sure you follow NCC Home Learning on social media to find out the results of the competition.

Good luck!

Post in collaboration with NCC Home Learning 

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