Monday 19 September 2016

Indian dreams

Whilst there are many countries and cities across the globe that I have yet to visit and experience, many of which feature on my travel bucket list, I have been fortunate enough to travel to a number of places over the years since my first flit abroad as a young child.

All of the places I have travelled to have had their own special charm and been truly memorable and amazing for their own reasons. As every country I have visited has been so different and worthwhile visiting I would be hard pushed to pick my favourite. Whilst I would struggle to pick my favourite destination from all of the places I have travelled to so far, there are a few holidays and places that are more memorable than others and have had me wanting to revisit to experience them once more.

One country I yearn to visit once more is India.

Far too many years ago now I was blessed to experience the wonder that India has to offer on a holiday there. As the years since my rendezvous with India pass by my longing to return and rekindle the relationship I had with the country grows ever stronger.

My visit to India was all too brief. Two weeks visiting the country was not enough time to fully immerse myself into the country and its culture and to experience more of the country, its wonders and the people who bring the country to life. As my time visiting India was not enough and I would be over the moon to have more time in the country to explore and experience more, returning to India is top of my travel bucket list.

With India leaving its mark on me and my experiences of the country impregnating my memories and soul, I often find myself daydreaming about my time in India.

My first - and hopefully not last - experience of India was with the ‘Golden Triangle’. During my time in India I experienced the three cities that have been dubbed the ‘Golden Triangle’ - Delhi, Agra and Jaipur.  

I fell in love with the captivating and vibrant historical city of Jaipur which is the capital of the state of Rajasthan. The city’s chaotic and colourful streets was a joy to experience and I was enthralled by the bazaars. The Pink City - nicknamed so because of the colour of the stone used for the construction of the structures - also had many magnificent monuments such as the Hawa Mahal that I found awe-inspiring.

Delhi with its bustling backstreets and chaotic atmosphere was a truly remarkable experience. The fascinating Indian capital was a heady mixture of mayhem, mystery, and wonder with dusty bazaars and relics of ancient empires intertwining with modern Delhi. Away from the chaos of the city I found Lodhi Gardens to a be a tranquil oasis of calm and nature.

A visit to India would not have been complete without visiting Agra which boasts the beautiful and breathtaking Taj Mahal which adorns the banks of the Yamuna river. My visit to Agra also showcased the other wonders it has to offer such as the Agra Fort, tombs and mausoleums galore, and bustling marketplaces.

As I remember my brief affair with India the aromas and sounds of the magical country are brought to life once again from my memories. I hope to one day return to India and experience more of the country and have more time to savour all of its wonders from the ancient architecture, the authentic food (the street food is amazing), the bustling bazaars, the culture and the wonderful people.

As I wish to return to India and have always said the time I spent there was not enough time I completely agree with Cheapflights and their top tip of travel slow when visiting India so that you immerse yourself in local life and take more time. If like me you are hoping to visit India one day soon make sure you find out other top tips about visiting India on the Cheapflights blog post - ‘Things I wish I knew before visiting India’.

Have you been to India? 

Do you have any top tips for when visiting India or must-see places? 

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