Friday 16 September 2016

Kitten Kollege - cute and informative kitten videos from Whiskas

Being an animal lover with a special fondness for furry friends that we can be privileged enough to call pets especially feline friends I cannot resist a bit of animal action that provides cuteness and ‘awww’ factor.

Thankfully my love of cute animal videos can be satisfied by YouTube videos of adorable pets being cute and funny. Whilst I love any animal videos that are humorous or packed full of cute factor - or even better if they boast both humour and cuteness - I have a soft-spot for cat videos.

Whilst thankfully there is no shortage of cute cat videos on the wonderful world wide web being fond of cat videos I am more than happy to see more…...who doesn’t love a cute cat video??

Satisfying my love of cat videos and bringing more than just humour and cuteness to the table with helpful advice and information cat food brand Whiskas have created a series of fun yet informative YouTube videos aimed at offering advice to kitten owners in a friendly and playful way so they can look after their furry little friend.

Whiskas has created “Kitten Kollege” that not only boasts a huge amount of humour and ‘awww’ appeal thanks to a squad of super cute kittens, but also is packed full of helpful advice for kitten owners. The cute kittens are students of the Kitten Kollege where kitten care and common questions that current or prospective kitten owners often have are addressed.

The Kitten Kollege covers a range of topic including best kitten breed for families, how to care for kittens and letting kittens go outside. Take a look at one of their cute and clever videos below where the Kitten Kollege talks about litter trays and litter training kittens -

To see more of the Kitten Kollege videos take a look at the Whiskas UK YouTube channelor the Whiskas site.

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