Monday 17 October 2016

Learn more about baby CPR with St John Ambulance and Tesco

Last week I shared about St John Ambulance teaming up with Tesco to give away CPR babygrow in a fantastic campaign to raise awareness of baby CPR.

Whilst the event at selected Tesco stores where baby CPR was being demonstrated and the #CPRbabygrow was being given to parents has passed, St John Ambulance are giving away baby CPR babygrows via their facebook page (ends 19th October 2016).

As I think learning first aid and having knowledge of CPR and what to do when someone is choking, especially little ones as my baby choking is one of nightmares which I hope never comes true, I wanted to share with you a few of the video's that St John Ambulance have created to raise awareness and inform people on what to do when a baby is choking and how to perform baby CPR.

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