Wednesday 26 October 2016

Seven must visit places in Jakarta

Under the tall skyscrapers and the never ending traffic jams of Jakarta, lie a wealth of rich cultural and historic places that have withstood the tests of time. Tourism in Indonesia is considered to be an important component of the economy of the country. From natural beauty, wildlife, and heritage sites this sprawling archipelago has lots on offer for every visitor. We have chosen seven of the most important places to visit in Jakarta, each of which showcases some aspect of the city and the country on a whole.

This 433 feet high memorial was erected to commemorate the freedom struggle of Indonesia. The National History Museum is also situated in this area, depicting within its walls the history of the country by the many dioramas present within the complex.

2) Taman Mini Indonesia Park
This famous theme park highlights the various attractions of Indonesia in a condensed form. The entire view of this large archipelago is reflected through traditional houses, museums and a cable car that runs over a large lake offering panoramic views of the park.

3) Fatahillah square
This one time place used exclusively for holding public executions, has a state house on its periphery. This is at present, converted into a museum which depicts the colonial history of Indonesia.

4) Istiqlal (independence) mosque
This is the largest mosque not only in Indonesia, but South East Asia as well, and is the National mosque of the country. There is a Catholic cathedral situated right across the road and the blend of the beautiful architecture of the two buildings is a sight to behold. The two neo-gothic styles reflect the tolerance and harmony which must have prevailed during their times.

5) Pasar Baru
A nostalgic walk in Pasar Baru, will take you down memory lane. This pedestrian friendly street is full of vendors selling things from clothes, watches and other secondhand stuff at unbelievably low prices. The best local street food of Indonesia can also be enjoyed here. Built in 1820 this is the oldest market of the country located in Sawah Besar area, Central Jakarta.

6) Nightlife
With a plethora of choices from nightclubs to bars, there is no shortage of after dusk activities in Jakarta. Lucy in the sky and Potato head are the two places to remember, as this is where your night is most likely to start. Places like Kemang for the trendy and cafe Ecobar for the more discerning ones stand out. The Jalan Jaksa street is another famous place for food and the wide range of bars.

7) Ancol dreamland
Ancol dreamland is the ideal place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This amusement park is open round the clock and houses many attractions like Fantasy world, Atlantis water adventure, Ocean dream samudra for water shows. It also has an art market, a golf course, gondola ride, wakeboarding among others. This all in one leisure park is a huge place to visit and can easily take up the best part of a day to visit.

If you are looking to visit Jakarta and experience some of these amazing places it is worthwhile looking on to find the perfect accommodation for your stay there such as the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Jakarta.

Have you ever been to Jakarta? Where would you recommend visiting?

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