Thursday 16 February 2017

Matchstick Monkey - teething toy review

Teething can be a nightmare.

It is horrible to see your little one in pain and discomfort as their first teeth come through.

Jelly Bean seems to be following his big brother’s experience of teething…..a long and painful drawn out experience. Like his brother before him Jelly Bean only had a couple of teeth pop out before his first birthday, and now at the age of 19 months old he still only has 5 teeth. Whilst he has not got many teeth making their appearance yet they make sure he knows about them when they do.

We do our best to help him through teething and have tried all manner of teething aids to try and make the experience a little less painful and horrible for him.

Along with tackling teething we are enthusiastic about caring for his teeth by visits to the dentist and daily brushing. Thankfully he LOVES brushing his teeth !

With more teeth yet to come and teething still causing him pain and dribbles galore, I was delighted when he was sent a Matchstick Monkey to try.

Matchstick Monkey is a cute little multifunctional monkey that is a teether, a teething gel applicator and a gentle toothbrush.

The adorable monkey is made from FDA approved food-grade silicone so it is safe for little ones to chew on it. It is also BPA free, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

To keep him squeaky clean he can have a spin in the dishwasher. He is easy to clean and thanks to being a hollow teether toy there is no worries about moisture getting inside and causing mould to grow. When not in use he can happily sit on a shelf or table, or using his looped arms you can attach him to another toy to keep him safe.

He is a friendly little character and very appealing to Jelly Bean. As well as the beautiful blue colour we have, he also comes in a variety of other colours.

I love that the monkey is multifunctional, not only is it a teether that my little dribbler can munch on but it is also a fun, gentle toothbrush and a teething remedy applicator. Most parents will agree that trying to get teething gel where needed with a grumpy little one putting up a fight is a hard task.  Thanks to monkey though this just got easier. You can apply teething gel onto the soft bumps at the back of monkeys head and give to your little one to chomp down on….hey presto teething gel on gums without a fight or bitten fingers!

The monkey seems to be doing a great job at being an appealing and soothing teether to munch and chomp on for some much needed relief when teething. Jelly Bean has been constantly grabbing him for a quick chew and he seems to find chewing on his head with the different textures of smooth and rough especially satisfying.


The monkey is easy to hold thanks to his long curved arms. He is soft and flexible which Jelly Bean seems to like as he can manipulate him easily to chew on him everywhere and get the monkey at the right spot on his sore gums for maximum soothing relief.  Jelly Bean loves playing with his little tail too, I just hope that it is as durable as it feels to be able to withstand the chewing and tugging but only time with tell… far in spite of some big tugs and monster chews he is looking as good as new.

If you want to give your little one some cold relief you can pop monkey in the freezer.

Compared to similar products the price is on point plus it has the benefit of being multifunctional. Whilst it is in the same price bracket for similar products it is at the higher end of the teething toys market and more expensive than budget teethers. However as he is multifunctional and a fun, appealing teether that is loved by my little one and has provided some soothing relief to achy gums, easing the teething grumps I think this adorable monkey is worth every penny!

Matchstick Monkey is available in a variety of different colours and is priced at £9.99. 

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