Monday 20 March 2017

Didymos Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) Waves Silver review

We are passionate about babywearing and over the years we have used a variety of slings, wraps and carriers. One of our favourite style of carriers is the meh-dai.

The Meh-Dai is a babywearing carrier made from a rectangular piece of fabric with four straps sewn to the corners - the bottom two straps form the waist straps and the two top straps are the wrap straps. Meh-Dai’s can be used for front, back and hip carry.

Meh-Dai’s available on the market vary greatly with there being differences in the type and design. Briefly meh-dai’s vary by some of the following details -
* size - infant, standard, toddler, one-size
* fabric - woven wrap, cotton fabric, canvas inner body
* strap style - wrap, padded, padded to wrap
* waist style - padded, un-padded, structured
* body style - un-contoured rectangular body, contoured body, seat darts, cinching features
* hoods and headrests - sewn on, removable or none

The Didy Meh-Dai (previously known as DidyTai) can be described as a wrap conversion meh-dai as it is created using woven wrap fabric. It is created by Didymos themselves being made in Germany with the longstanding babywearing brand (since 1972) being the manufacturer who weaves woven wraps and sews and creates meh-dai carriers and ring slings. It is made using non-toxic dyes and is free from any toxic materials.

The Didy Meh-Dai Waves Silver carrier is made using the same woven fabric as the Didymos Waves Silver woven baby wrap and is 100% pure organic cotton. The fabric is a Jacquard weave which means the pattern is woven into the fabric rather than printed and the pattern is the same on both sides but the colours reversed. Waves is the name given to the pattern of the weave and silver being the name of the colourway for this particular waves weave.

This particular meh-dai is a one-size baby carrier that can be used from birth to around 18 months or so (this will vary with different users and children and could possibly suit an older toddler too). Didymos’ meh-dai is designed with a drawstring on the base of the carrier to allow users to adjust the width so that it can be used with both smaller and larger children. For optimum comfort and to allow users to spread the straps the top straps are wide and gathered where they are sewn to the meh-dai. It is designed to support and encourage anatomically correct and safe positioning and allow various carrying positions.

When I first saw the meh-dai in person I was delighted at how beautiful it is. Whilst it could be considered a simple design in comparison to some other patterns that Didymos produce, waves silver is simply stunning. The shades of grey waves compliment each other exquisitely and seem to shimmer with a silver hue. Waves is a subtle design that is breathtakingly beautiful thanks to the soft waves which give the carrier an air of style, elegance and luxury.

Straight out of the box the fabric felt luxurious and of incredible quality. The design and stitching of the carrier is superior and made to the highest quality which showcases that Didymos are experts in weaving wrap fabric and creating meh-dai’s. The fabric is buttery soft, floppy and a pleasure to wear.

With Jelly Bean being at the high end of the carrier’s suggested age range I was keen to see how it handle his weight and size, and how it would feel to carry him. Having used the carrier numerous times in both front and back position for quick and long carry’s I have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and supportive it is.

Even though he is older and long bodied the meh-dai still fits well. To help increase the longevity of the meh-dai for toddlers such as Jelly Bean the hood can be unrolled to extend the length of the body. This feature is very useful, however the only thing I did notice is that as my son prefers to be arms out and being the social little one that he is often waves them about as he says hi to anyone and everyone, when using the hood to extend the body higher on his back that it did not always stay up and tight to his back. In spite of this he remained snug and secure. I believe that it will still fit and work well for us for a little while especially if he gets used to having it secured higher up his back rather than to his armpits which he currently prefers. Once that day comes that reaching for the meh-dai is not possible I will have to hope that one day soon we extend our family and welcome another newborn into the world.

The medium-thickness fabric which has a diagonal stretch to it, has been very supportive and even after long use for babywearing adventures when going on lengthy family woodland walks and coastal path walks to beautiful beaches it has remained comfortable, secure and supportive.

The woven wrap style straps are splendid and divinely comfortable. Comparing them to other meh-dai’s that I have previously used that have not been wrap style and have been padded or made using non-woven cotton fabric, they are much more comfortable. Another benefit of the straps being made using woven fabric is that they wrap like woven wraps and allow you to contour them close to you and your little one for a safe and secure carry. They provide the benefits that wrapping with a woven wrap with the bonus of the body to easily create a seat. 

Wrapping with wrap straps made from woven fabric makes for a cosy and cuddly carry.

The lightly textured fabric provides slight grip which aids in making the carrier easy to secure and tighten. Being lightweight the carrier would be comfortable and airy even in warmer months.

The meh-dai is easy to use, is versatile as it can be used for front, back and hip carry positions and can be secured using different wrap techniques and finishes (i.e. chest belt, waistless, knotless with passes spread etc). As it is so quick and easy to use it is very handy for quick uses such as the school run.

The drawstring to cinch the body for different sized little ones works a treat and is a clever little addition to the design.

Personally I have found the waist straps to be comfortable and I like the feel and use of woven fabric for them but for those who prefer a padded or structured waist these straps may not suit them.

The hood functions as a head rest and is ideal for supporting the neck of a small baby as well as providing support to head when baby falls asleep. Whilst the hood is very useful it is short and is not large enough to shield a baby’s head from the sun. However this is not a big issue as a hat can be used instead and it does work well as a head rest.

As we use babywearing to enable and support our family adventures, babywearing everywhere and anywhere including beaches and woodlands and carry a toddler that seems to attract mess and dirt, it is a relief to know that if the carrier gets a little dirty that it is machine washable.

As well as using the meh-dai with Jelly Bean I have also had a quick cuddle and carry with my little 3 month nephew. The soft carrier is super cosy against a little baby and fits really well with younger babies.

We love the Didymos Didy Meh-Dai and only wish we had welcomed one into our world for babywearing adventures before now. Here are the top words I would use to describe Didymos Didy Meh-Dai Waves Silver -
* soft and floppy
* luxurious
* comfortable, cozy and cuddly
* lightweight
* beautiful
* supportive
* superior quality

As we love the Didymos Didy meh-dai so much I hope that in the future with Jelly Bean or baby number 3 if we are blessed with another that we can add to our babywearing collection and I can purchase one of the other beautiful meh-dai designs….I loved the limited edition Didymos Didy Meh-Dai Prima Star.

Have you ever tried a Didymos Didy meh-dai (DidyTai)?

Love and happy babywearing to you all. 


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