Thursday 30 March 2017

Top 3 jobs perfect for a full-time mum

Once you become a mother you are forced to realize that things are never going to be the same, most of the times that is seen as a good thing, but sometimes it just means that your everyday workload gets tripled, as the majority of the kids, and house chores fall back on you.  
You might not get the hang of it right away, and that is completely normal, but once you do you will realise that you have become one of those ‘super women’ people usually refer to that are multitasking all the time between hundreds of tasks.

As much as we would like to think that this is all we really need in our lives, most of us mothers at a certain point start to get the need to do something that is exclusively for you, rather than for any one else. However, the decision to be full-time in an office, rather than home with your kids can be a very difficult one, especially if the kids are young. This is why nowadays we are lucky to have the opportunity to choose between freelance, and home-based jobs, which allow us to balance our family and work life. Another advantage is that thanks to the Internet you can search and apply for these types of jobs anywhere in the UK, even in Leeds, from the comfort of your home.

If you do not know whether you are the kind of person that would pursue such a career path though, here are some examples of what you could find, while job-hunting, that might fit your interests and most importantly your schedule.

Freelance Writer
Freelance writing is not something that can be done by everyone, but if you do believe you have the head for it, it is definitely one of the most classic, and straightforward career paths you can undertake part-time and home-based. Writing online can be divided in many sub-categories; in fact the options are quite open. For example, you could start blogging, or sending articles to websites that pay for specific topics, academic writing, or even script writing, and the list does not end here. Just like any other job freelance writing needs some practice, and a little natural skills, but once you have gained the required skills you will enjoy the creative waves that writing emanates.

This type of job can be very requested, especially for kids, and teenagers in their school-age years. Most of the times kids will need some extra help with their homework, and are looking for a tutor. This could be the perfect job for a mother, not only your communication skills have been perfected, but you also have the right mind to interact with children, having yourself kids. You can start your own tutoring business by word of mouth between the other moms, and expand with tutoring online as well. Also, you are able to determine your own hours, and can even give lessons without leaving the house.

Virtual Assistant
Being a serial multi-tasker you would fit perfectly into the virtual assistant requirements. A virtual assistant is no different from a regular assistant; the only difference is that your job will occur in the comfort of your own home. Good speaking manners are required, as organization, and the ability of doing many things at the same time, which as a mum you won’t find any difficulties in proving that those are skills you have already acquired and perfected.

These are just some examples of jobs that could be something of interest for a mother looking for a part-time opportunity; where your skills can be transferable, and most importantly in high demand. So what are you waiting for!

What job would you embark in?

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