Thursday 25 May 2017

Organising a christening

There are many reasons why a parent might decide to have a christening for their child. Perhaps they are christian and want their child to be raised as a christian too. Maybe they find the notion of being part of the christian community appealing and want to welcome Christianity and the Church into their family’s life. Or the motivation to have a christening for their child is not focused on faith rather it is because they want their child to be blessed to celebrate and show thanks for their safe arrival into the world.

Regardless of the reasons behind the decision if you are thinking about christening or blessing your child then here are a few key jobs that you need to organise - 

Book the service
Talk to your local Vicar and book the service. Discuss with them your beliefs and whether a blessing or christening is best suited to you and your child. It is also worth finding out is whether it will be a special service or part of a normal Sunday service.

Remember some Vicars may be more welcoming to the idea of a blessing or happier that you are not regular churchgoers than other Vicars, whilst some may ask of you to attend Church more on a regular basis before considering a christening service for your child.

Traditionally godparents with strong christian beliefs themselves were chosen but these days godparents are often chosen because they are close family or friends to the parents regardless of religious belief and who they believe will be a part of their child's life for many years to come. 

It is traditional for girls to have two godmothers and one godfather and boys to have two godfathers and one godmother, but the amount is a personal choice.

Reception after the service
Many families chose to have a reception after the service to celebrate and mark this memorable event in their child’s life. Key things to consider are venue, distance between Church and venue especially if you have family and friends who have travelled from afar and do not know the area or have transport issues, and food - hot, cold and whether any guests suffer from food allergies. 

Traditionally parents who have wed before they have a child and get them christened would save and preserve the top tier of their wedding cake to have as a christening cake. Whether you use your wedding cake or make/buy a christening cake, if you have a reception to celebrate the day a christening cake is a lovely addition to the celebration.

Christening outfit
As most people consider the day to be a special and important day in their child’s life they get a special christening outfit for their little one. Whether it is a traditional christening gown, luxury romper, suit or dress finding that special outfit helps make little ones look like little angels on their big day.

If you are christening your little one take a look at this selection of truly stunning, luxurious christening dresses, some of which have a traditional style to them whilst others have a modern twist -

Images courtesy of high quality baby wear website Teether.
 Lace 2 piece Christening Gown - Baptism Dress with Bonnet - White Lace Christening Dress
‘Marie’ Christening Dress in Ivory - Rose Flowers Girls Christening Dress

Have you had your little one blessed or christened? 

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