Monday 29 May 2017

Theradome™ LH80 Pro Laser Helmet final update

A little of a year ago Lee began trialling the Theradome LH80 in the hope of having a full head of hair once again.

For many years Lee’s receding hairline and bald patches on the top of his head have plagued him with feelings of insecurity and dislike about how he looks.

As such when he heard about Theradome LH80 and was considered a suitable candidate he was more than happy to trial it to see whether it would be a solution to his hair loss treatment.

Described as “Wearable Laser Hair Grow Therapy” for both men and women with a simple push of a button, the Theradome LH80 is distributed by a Trichologist led Laser Hair Growth Company with over 20 years of expertise in hair loss treatment. 

Using the Theradome LH80
For more than a year now Lee has been regularly using the Theradome LH80 on a regular basis, numerous times a week.

To benefit from the device’s technology and receive laser hair growth treatment all you have to do is put the helmet on your head then, turn the device on and keep the helmet on for a 20 minute treatment cycle.

Lee has found from his use of the helmet on a regular basis for the past year or so that it is comfortable to wear and very easy to use. The only thing he would say is that it is key to make using the device part of your daily routine so that it is used regularly without interruption to the routine of treatment to benefit from best results. Whilst he managed to use it without fail regularly he can see how it would be easy to be lapse about using it consistently if you forget a session or two. Thankfully his desire for better and more hair was enough willpower for him to make sure he wore the helmet for treatment consistently. For him wearing it for treatment of a night when unwinding from the day whilst watching his favourite show or having a quick game on the console worked best for his routine and lifestyle.

Overall his views shared during his 4 month update on the helmet and ease of use is the same; it is easy to use, simple to charge, comfortable to wear, practical and does not cause major issues with his daily routine. Being able to have hair laser treatment from the comfort of his own home whilst sat on the sofa is practical, hassle free and does not cause anxiety which could occur from having to deal with hair loss issue - which he personally finds embarrassing - at a clinic.

Similar to his 4 month update, Lee has not seen any significant hair growth. His hair loss compared to before starting to use the Theradome LH80 has slowed down significantly - perhaps even stopped.

Likewise he has noticed that the condition of hair has remained looking and feeling healthier, thicker, stronger and shinier.

However he has still not seen much if any improvement in new hair growth. Any hair growth is subtle with the quality and thickness of the hair as a whole making his head of hair look better than before rather than new growth and less bald patches.

Having discussed Lee’s results with Theradome it seems to be that as he has seen improvement with the quality and thickness of the existing hairs indicates some minaturisation reversal.

In the miniaturisation process, each hair becomes shorter and thinner with each progressive cycle until hair follicles are replaced by short fine vellus or body type hair then nothing. As Lee has seen improvement in the condition of his existing hairs the treatment has helped reverse the effects of miniaturisation process to improve the quality of the hair. However as he has seen little new growth of hair it could be that some hair follicles have exhausted their potential to produce new hair.

Here is a little quote from Theradome about hair loss treatments and disappointment in them -

Once hair loss becomes advanced or you see more scalp on the top of your head than hair, treatments will have considerably less effect. This is because once hair follicles reach the advanced miniaturised state with hairs growing to little more than a centimetre or so, the follicle is almost exhausted and the potential to grow new hair is virtually depleted. Tripling up on treatments will make what is remaining better quality, grow slightly longer and last slightly longer but you may always be disappointed with hair loss treatment(s) if you are expecting a fully restored head of hair.”

Whilst Theradome LH80 may not have been the dream solution to his hair loss Lee is happier with the quality of his hair and that hair loss seems to have slowed down for now. Looking at the pictures of his hair now compared to over a year ago I can see some improvement; whether it is down to the quality and improved condition of his hair alone or that along with some subtle hair growth his hair definitely has more luster and is thicker than before.

You can find out more about Theradome over on their website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTubechannels.

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  1. I think Lee's hair looks quite a lot better, definitely darker, stronger and slightly more of it. If Lee hadn't used Theradome his hair would look thinner the the first photo now as male hair loss is progressive. It's a shame Theradome wasn't around 5 years ago, it is always better to start treating hair loss earlier rather than later.