Tuesday 27 June 2017

How can balustrade modernise your interior design?

Typically used to support balconies and staircases, balustrades bring style, elegance and functionality to a property. Given their sophisticated look and practicality, balustrades are a popular component of many homes and commercial buildings.

Balustrades can be made from a number of materials, including glass, chrome, wood, stone, iron and stainless steel.

If you are looking to modernise the interior design of your home, commercial premises, or investment property, equipping the interior with a stylish balustrade can be a cost-effective way to significantly improve the look and functionality of the property.

Balustrade Components, suppliers of high quality balustrade parts and fittings for stainless steel and glass balustrade systems, takes a look at how a balustrade can modernise your interior design.

A contemporary look
Choose a balustrade in the right material and it will make an eye-catching and contemporary feature in any interior. Glass is a particularly modern-looking material and balustrades made out of glass create a stylish and contemporary look that will retain its stylish and elegant style for many decades to come.

Stainless steel balustrades have a similar effect, generating a chic and sophisticated feel in even the shabbiest and most worn of interiors.

A robust feature
Balustrades can be both purely ornamental or have a purpose, or often both. These modern-looking railings, which are supported by balusters, form a decorative yet robust parapet to a terrace, balcony or staircase.

Stainless steel balustrades are exceptionally strong. As are glass balustrades. This robust and modern feature in a room will be able to withstand the knocks, bangs and bumps, without scratching or marking easily. Consequently, being scratch and mark-free, stainless steel and glass balustrades play their part in keeping your interior blemish-free, clean and brimming with an airy and contemporary feel.

Being robust and strong in nature, balustrades bring a modern and purposeful element to a room.

Create a feeling of light
Whether you are wanting to bring additional light to a balcony or terrace, or are wanting to let more light flood onto a staircase, balustrades made from glass, let ample light filter into a room or onto a balcony.

By encouraging light to filter into a living or working space, an interior is propelled to grander and more modern levels. By contrast, dark and dingy rooms are hardly conducive with a stylish modern interior design.

Gives the illusion of more space
For interiors on the small side, a glass balustrade that lets light flood into the room, can create a greater sense of space.

Blends in with other modern furnishings and fittings in an interior space. Being exceptionally versatile in their design and material, you will not be hard pushed to find a balustrade that blends beautifully with the rest of your interior.

In fact, it won’t be difficult to find a balustrade that goes that step further and enhances the overall look and design of the rest of the interior.

Balustrades made from modern materials, such as glass and stainless steel, can enhance the contemporary look of a home. Place vibrant cushions, rugs, pictures and ornaments within close proximity of a balustrade for a truly modern, eye-catching and sought-after interior design.

A sleek finish
Contemporary interior design yearns for a sleek finish. In fact, clean lines, smooth surfaces and sleek finishes are all hailed to be “key elements of contemporary interior design.”

That said, interiors made to look contemporary don’t want to run the risk of looking sterile, stark or cold.

This is where balustrades provide the perfect solution. These modern railing features enhance the clean lines, smooth surfaces and sleek finish that work together to characterise a modern interior design. At the same time, being eye-catching, striking and stylish, balustrades help keep cold, sterile and stark modern interior designs at bay.

As the colour of an interior is key in bringing a living or working space to life, really go to town by accessorising a living space so that it helps to bring the balustrade and the whole room to life.

If you install a metal, chrome or glass balustrade in a property, you’ll be creating an incredibly modern look. Consider bringing a cosy vibe to the living space by surrounding the balustrade with appealing and characterful fittings and furniture, include table lamps, artwork, shelves and ornaments.

This blog post was written by Balustrade Components, suppliers of parts required for the installation of balustrades. If you would like to bring a more modern element into a living space by installing a modern, practical and sleek balustrade, get in contact with Balustrade Components, for all your balustrade component solutions.

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