Friday 7 July 2017

My app usage - how does it compare to the App Map of Britain?

Like the majority of the UK my smartphone is filled with my apps that I use as part of my daily life. Thanks to storage issues juggling my favourite and most needed apps is a fine art. Moving some apps to my SD card gives me a little more room to have an extra app or two but thanks to a number of apps being programmed not to be suitable to move to external SD storage storage is extremely precious and as such app choices is a carefully considered matter.

Whilst I would love to download any and every app of use to me from the whopping 2.2million apps available to download on android, storage stops that from happening. When a new app enters my life if I cannot move it to external storage I have to decide what app to remove so the shiny new app can be downloaded. Choosing between favourite apps can be a difficult predicament.

There are a number of apps that my smartphone would look very weird without as they are my reliable, well loved apps that I use regularly.

Gmail - Makes checking and sending my work and personal emails quick and easy with notifications alerting me to new emails at all times.

Facebook - As well as being a way to support my blog with my Where Roots And Wings Entwine facebook page, facebook is a portal that helps me keep in touch with loved ones. The majority of my family and friends use facebook so it is a great way to keep in touch with them across the miles, allowing us to share pictures and news of our family and see what our loved ones’ photos and posts too.

YouTube - Great app to have as a backup to keep the kids entertained with videos of their favourite shows - for Bug it has to be gaming videos from StampyCat and for Jelly Bean videos from Blippi.

Ebay - What can I say always after a bargain!

Schoop - An app that allows my son’s school to communicate key messages and news to parents who have the schoop app. It is a must have app as there have been some important messages communicated to parents via the app - such as the time the school had to close unexpectedly and we had to get the kids asap due to a gas leak!

ClassDojo - Another app connected to my son and his school. At school he is rewarded Dojo points for good behaviour and the app allows us at home to keep an eye on when he gets points and what for.

Google Drive and Docs - Allows me to upload photos from my phone to Google Drive where I can access them from my laptop. Likewise I can write blog posts on my phone on Google Docs before finishing them off on my laptop.

Thanks to storage issues apps that have come and go (sometimes come and go, come back again and then go once more) include Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Lloyds, PayPal, and BBC iPlayer.

After hearing that Carphone Warehouse had conducted research into app usage across the UK was keen to see how my app usage compares to the rest of the UK.

Thanks to the Carphone Warehouse App Map of Britain I can see that I use 3 apps from the top 4 apps used by the people of UK, using top app Facebook just like the other 70% of people.

A few of my top apps, in particular the school related ones - Schoop and ClassDojo, do not feature on the map let alone make the top 40 apps. But my other favourite apps including the ones that come and go thanks to storage issues are mainstream apps that many people in the UK use. I am like the 68% of app users who use YouTube, along with 49% of app users I use the Gmail app to check my emails and I like to share my photos like the 28% of people who use Instagram.

Unlike a lot of app users in the UK there are a number of popular apps featured in the top 40 apps that I do not and have never used such as WhatsApp (51% of app users use it) and Snapchat (24% of app users use it).

What apps could you not live without?

Check out the App Map of Britain to see how your app usage compares to the rest of the UK where you can see app favourites of different area regions, user age and gender.

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