Monday 10 July 2017

My Dream Horse with Petplan Equine®

Like most children Jelly Bean loves animals. He is fascinated by any animal we meet on our adventures. One of his favourite animals is a horse.

There is something enchanting about the beautiful and majestic horses that we have met on our adventures that Jelly Bean loves. He loves playing with his toy horses, gets excited if he sees photographs of them, loves getting up close and personal to say hello and always gets giddy with excitement when we see them galloping on the beach.

Over Jelly Bean’s short time in this world, he has met many horses. He loves seeing the different horses at Folly Farm, adores saying hello to local ones in the fields we often walk by and is very friendly with the horse at a local adventure farm. In the video below is one of Jelly Bean’s first memorable meetings with a beautiful horse.

As Jelly Bean loves horses when Petplan Equine® asked if he would love to have a drawing or painting of his dream horse made into a teddy he was more than happy to get his hands messy and get stuck into some arts and crafts.

The Petplan Equine® My Dream Horse campaign is challenging children to draw their dream horse, however weird or wonderful which they then bring to life and transform into an amazing soft toy that they can keep and treasure forever.

As Jelly Bean is still young we opted for a handprint painting horse with him alone choosing the details of the horse such as body colour which he was very firm about and that red was the only option, mane colour which he loved drawing on his horse with special glittery paint pens and him wanting to add a star sticker on the horse’s body.

He loved getting messy and painting bright red paint on his little hands to make handprints. After his horse was finished - with a little outlining help from mummy - he was beaming with pride. He has been so proud of his horse that he has had to show all visitors to the house his horse painting, declaring “my horse”.

Thanks to Petplan Equine® his colourful, unique handprint painting horse has been brought to life and is now a teddy that he can hold, hug and love forever.

He loves his horse which he has to show to all his family and friends. It is now his best friend and has come with us on lots of adventures out and about as well as being his best friend for night time snuggles before bed.

As Jelly Bean loves horses so much I hope that his dream horse which he calls ‘Red Horse’ will be enough to satisfy his love of horses for a few years so that I don’t have to hear him ask for a real horse of his own. Whilst I personally love horses too and grew up with horses on the farm we lived on, as I know how much hard work it is to care for horses and the responsibilities that are essential for being a responsible horse owner such as equine insurance and regular vet care having a 'teddy horse' to look after is a lot less pressure. If the day ever came that he asked for a real horse I would make sure to take up Petplan Equine® Horse insurance as they are experts in equine insurance policies.

Since 1976 Petplan Equine® has been striving to keep the nation’s horses healthy and their owners happy by providing the very best equine insurance policies and great customer service. Thanks to their dedicated insurance policies they have helped horse owners get their beloved horses back to health following injury or illness. They are one of a few insurance providers to offer genuine #lifetime’ policies with their Covered for Life® Equine policies as well as offering 12-month policies so that there is a policy to suit all needs.

As Petplan care for all animals they work with more than 1,200 charities throughout the UK and in 1994 they formed the Petplan Charitable Trust which has so far raised more than £7 million towards a better, healthier world for animals.

Thank you, Petplan Equine® for making my son’s dream horse into a loveable teddy he can treasure forever.

* This post has been possible thanks to Petplan Equine®, but all thoughts are my own *

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