Saturday 19 August 2017

Booking a band on a budget - wedding dreams

Music & money matters when planning a wedding

When planning a wedding there are a lot of elements that need to be carefully considered - the dress, the venue, the food and the entertainment for example. For most people all the elements that come together to make the perfect day come with a budget. Regardless of whether you have a low, tight budget or a lavish budget when booking and buying all things wedding related the money matters.

As we are a couple with a tight wedding budget for our much longed for wedding we are always looking at ways to make our budget work for us and ways to cut costs but still create the wedding of our dreams.

With us planning an intimate wedding and reception followed by a lively party with all of our loved ones we want to make sure the party goes with a bang! Whilst we have lots of ideas for making the party awesome including a kid creative play area, tasty buffet and photo booth with amusing props, for us a big part of making the party a success is the music.

Unfortunately though music performers whether a band, solo artist or DJ can come at a considerable cost.

Deciding on what type of music and performer/s is right for your special day then finding a music performer that suits your wedding music budget is a tricky and stressful task.

Imagine spending hours galore looking for the perfect band and/or DJ for your magical day, being in awe of their musical prowess and not being able to imagine your wedding party being successful without them to then realise they are too expensive.

Having experienced the above which was very disheartening we have been looking at how to find the band or DJ perfect for our dream wedding that suits our budget without any heartbreak or stress.

Step right up an awesome website that “offers the best in live entertainment to hire for your event. Any artist, any where”.....Headliner!

Headliner is the fantastic website that is the answer to my wedding music nightmare. It helps match people with bands, musicians and DJ’s for events including weddings and provides a streamlined process that offers advanced search, vetted acts, safe and trusted online quotes, secure booking and price match guarantee.

The beauty of Headliner is that it helps you search and discover the perfect act for you and your wedding and with so many different acts of all genres and set-ups (bands, DJs, musicians) there is something for everyone. For couples who are planning on saying ‘I do’ and have a wedding budget they have to stick to Headliner allows you to search for acts suitable to your budget.

Yay! No more heartbreak at finding an amazing act for my wedding music but then realising I can’t afford them. I can now find an act that is affordable for my budget. Thanks to the detailed act profiles I can see straight away if their price is within my budget along with hearing taster samples of their music to find the perfect musical fit for us and our big day.

Need to book an act for your wedding music?

Take a look at Headliner and find the perfect act to make your wedding day that little bit more special.

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