Wednesday 30 August 2017

Vaping in the UK - is it clear where you can and cannot vape?

Over the summer we have visited a number of family attractions. One similarity that all of the family attractions shared was no smoking notices. Some attractions were no smoking throughout the venue whilst others had designated smoking areas.

I also noticed that many attractions also restricted or forbid vaping too. But not all did.

When visiting a few attractions I noticed that regardless of what smoking and vaping policies the venue had many people were vaping away anywhere and everywhere. Whether they were unaware that they could not vape at the attraction or just did not care I noticed more people vaping throughout attractions than smokers. This was particularly true when we were at family attractions that were in open air, outdoor spaces - for example Chester Zoo had designated smoking areas but people were vaping anywhere and everywhere (I am personally unsure if that was allowed or not) and when we visited the National Park Dan Yr Ogof where there is a blanket ban on smoking I saw a number of visitors vaping inside of the park.

This got me thinking, where in the UK can you vape and is it obvious and clear what the rules around where you can and cannot vape are?

Being curious about the rules around where you can and cannot vape in the UK when out and about visited my good old friend google for a quick search.

Thanks to and their informative Where Can You Vape In The UK? blog post I have found out where you can and cannot vape.
On the whole it seems that public places are variable with places like the high street and  beaches not having any vaping restrictions but businesses, transport and sport/entertainment venues often having vaping restrictions in place. For example the majority of public transport, airports and entertainment venues have a ban on vaping indoors with some offering designated smoking/vaping areas outside. When it comes to pubs, restaurants and food outlets on the whole large chain business do not allow vaping in their venues whilst smaller, independent business vary with some banning vaping or having a vaping area outside whilst others being more relaxed and allow vaping at their venue.

Having researched the subject whilst there seems to be restrictions on vaping at certain places such as airports and public transport which are clear and observed there are many places where it is a grey area on whether vaping is allowed or not.

Open air attractions seem to be the most unclear or ignored. For example I often see parents vaping in children’s play parks even ones that are Smoke Free parks which include vaping.

Did you know that a year ago Pembrokeshire county council here in south west Wales launched a trial smoke-free scheme that includes smoking and vaping at the picturesque Little Haven Beach.

On the whole if you are a vaper and unsure whether you can vape or not it seems the best policy is to ask and find out.

Do you vape? Are you aware of where you can and cannot vape?

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